I am crossing over the lake in the Barge. It has been a long time since I have been on Avalon as I have been away on a mission in the Outer World. Always with Avalon with me though.

When I step out of the Barge my Guide is there to greet me. She is happy to see me (although we have not been separated). She hands me a warm cup of herbal mixture – tasting good even though I don’t usually like these drinks.

I know I am going right off to the Tor. And we start walking in that direction. It is night.

I pass by the Dragon line markers and deliberately make my way to the top of the Tor. My Guide stays with me.

At the top my Guide goes around to each Standing Stone and does something by each stone. Immediately we are inside the Tor in the caverns.

I love it here in these caverns. It is so beautiful and it seems to be so ordered. I go to the Control Panel and look behind me and there are the Dragons again.

The Moon Dragon has come with me this time. By the Control Panel is a Sister and she bows to me and me to her and she motions for me to follow. My Guide and the Moon Dragon come along with me.

We come again to the circle of the Council of Nine. They are all seated around a curved stone table and sitting on stone benches. It is very warm here. Not hot but very warm and there is a beautiful light.

There are three chairs in the middle of this half circle and we three -myself, Moon Dragon, and my Avalon Guide – sit there.

One of the Council of Nine stands and asks me to stand which I do. She asks for a report on my Mission. Which I give. At the conclusion we all look down on a deep dark blue reflecting pool. And I am asked to read the signs – which I do.

There is a hushed caucus within the Council of Nine and Moon Dragon communes telepathically with the Council. The Matron stands again and says to me that it is enough and that for now I can retire to the Healing Baths with my Guide and Moon Dragon.

– And “Oh”, – she says – “Moon Dragon will be staying with you and will begin your next Initiation”. We go off to the Healing Baths – the Baths that are below the surface of the Tor where the deep dark waters of Mystery run.

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