The Turning of the Wheel of the Year – Winter Solstice

Mid-December is thus one of the most positively magical times of the year.  Things are possible during December’s darkening days that are not even dreamt of at other spokes of the Wheel of the Year.  We should use this magic as a vehicle for deepening our awareness of the world around us and preparing our souls for the ongoing pilgrimage of our lives.  A seeker of Wisdom in the thrall of Winter’s Solstice should consider their celebrations as a spiritual pilgrimage or even a quest, during which, through the disciplined use of the spiritual imagination, he or she may encounter one’s own truest self along the way and in communion with Spirit. Montague Whitsel

Winter Solistice this year of 2015 is on December solstice 2015: […]

Autumn Equinox~ Beginning Your Cycle of Healing

Nature naturally takes us through seasonal cycles of birth, growth, decline, death, and regeneration. By aligning our self with Earth’s natural cycles, we provide our self with a framework to help us grow and evolve as we release our Wounds and Shadows, complete our Initiations, and set our next Evolutionary Tasks. These Seasonal Cycle of Healing ~Rites of Passage and Initiations bring us to wholeness as we pass again and again through their rhythms and cycles.

Are You Sustainable?

Autumn is a time for harvesting. It is a time to clean out the old and make room to put up the fruits of the summer. We gather all of the results of our hard labors of the spring and summer and put them […]

Reflections ~The Expected

In Reading the Greater Pattern, your task is not to just see the Expected- what looks like it is coming. It is not to ride the present/ past/ future time line and simply announce what is in the process of forming.

The Expected is in every moment blinking on and off – being formed and reformed by your very breath. Your task is to see beyond the Expected into the subtle realms. The realms where all possibilities exist.

Travel into this field of all possibilities and the subtle perturbations – the original ground of all – and  harmonize with the endless possibilities.

One need not undo and redo  the Expected- just unfold your creative force and jump the current time line  by-passing the Expected for the desired longing […]

Turn Your Relationships into Energy Generators Rather than Energy Drainers

“There is no hope or joy except in human relationships.”
– Antonine de Saint-Exupery

Valentine’s Day is coming up and even if you don’t “celebrate” Valentine’s Day the day might start you thinking about your relationships.

Relationships are important. You may love who you are in relationship with – but still have difficulty getting along with them.

Women are relationship oriented. Relationships mean a lot to us. A good relationship can give us increased energy, support a positive outlook, and the oomph to pursue our dreams.  A troubled relationship can wear us out and zap our zest for life.

Nothing affects us as woman like the quality of our relationships.

Research shows that when […]

Happy Imbolc!

This morning, as I kindle the flame upon my hearth, I pray that the flame of Brighid may burn in my soul and the souls of all I meet today.

And may it warm those who are lonely, so all may know the comfort of Brighid’s love.
#Imbolc #GreatHarvestFestival

“Each Night Before You Go to Bed, My Baby”

When we were younger, my husband and I would get in bed at night and spend a few minutes talking about our day. Over 45 years this custom has helped us remain connected even as it has evolved.

Over time our nightly review had slowly turned into noting all the problems we had to deal with. And when that got to be a bit depressing for night time talk we just dropped out the whole review altogether.

But when we noticed we were missing that connection we started up again with a new form – appreciations – and we loved it.

At first it was a little forced but now it has grown and evolved into a robust and nurturing tradition.

Our Appreciations

We started by talking about […]

Stripped To the Bone and Your Woman As Shaman Journey


Bringing the sacred and the energetic into your life is a sign of the times. The whole mystery field of shamanism, especially women remembering and reclaiming their heritage and lineage as Women Shaman Priestess, is awakening people’s attention.

Some women may take this call up by traveling a rigorous and deep Initiatory Journey leading to their Initiation as a Woman Shaman Priestess.  Other women may choose to infuse their daily lives with more of these sacred energies even though they do not feel called to be embrace initiation as a Woman Shaman Priestess.

Sacred Energies and Your Physical Body

Either way when you begin to embrace the sacred energies into your life it is important to realize that […]

Closing Out The Year

The Wheel has turned in the Gregorian Calendar and we are at another new beginning. A fresh start -we love that!

Today we closed the gift receiving of last year by completing the shuffle of the new refrigerator into the old spot in the kitchen and the old refrigerator into a new spot in the mud room. Hooray!

I was reminiscing today about Winter Solstice, Christmas, New Year’s Eve – those markers in our life which signal a confluence of energies and realizations that help to make us who we are and impact how we move through life.

Winter Solstice- Divine and Chaos

Our Winter Solsitce this year was full! Very full 🙂

Wonder filled in its fullness – and also chaotically filled with last minute surprises.

Everyone in […]

Walking At The Pace Of Nature

Walking at the Pace of Nature is a moving meditation for when you are hunting for the soul of your Wortcunner Nature attraction.

As a Wortcunner working with the Plants you learn to be sensitive to the energy trackways that reach out to you as you move around in Nature. They are webs of energy that act as messengers of the deeper soul, spirit, and consciousness that move within every point of Nature. As you come into resonance with these energy webstreams you may find that they prompt floods of ancestral memory within you. 

To bring your self into resonance with the Pace of Nature, settle your self and begin slow and steady Breathing. Get a sense […]

Happy Holidays

Wishing You Happy Joyful Holidays


Winter Solstice and the Day Traditions Shifted

Winter Solstice is a big deal in our family. 

We all gather at our Big House and aren’t scattered at other family gatherings. We spend a month jiggling schedules around so that the date works for everyone. In 2014, we are 24 in our nuclear family – 12 adults and 12 grandchildren

Members who will be celebrating Christmas/Yule with other families bring their Secret Santa gifts and it is always a toss up if they will open them while gathered together this night or wait for Christmas day.

Two dear Fairy Children Granddaughters have their birthdays in Dec. -one one the 15th and one on the 18th and sometimes we celebrate their birthdays all together at Solstice with birthday cakes and presents amongst the holiday cakes, cookies, and presents.

Every one […]

Wise Woman Wortcunner Holiday Savings






In the Wise Woman Wortcunner’s Self-Directed Online Training Programs described, you will travel deeply with your Wise Woman Wortcunner Archetype and work with shamanic energetics to support you in learning from the Plants.

We will use specific Journey techniques to open the portal to […]

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Farewell Evenstar Herbs

She bore the “Evenstar”, as the most beautiful of the last generation of High Elves in Middle-Earth.

When I founded Evenstar Herbs back in 1987, commercial herbal products were just peeking out from behind closed doors. There were no giant herb companies and grocery and drug stores did not have herbal products on the counter. Evenstar began as small family owned and family run business. We gathered all of our herbs by hand and made all of our herbal products patiently and precisely according to traditional ways.

For many years we have been very much a traditional herbal company and making all of our herbal products in the traditional ways ourselves. From our Virginia gardens, we gather many of our herbs and we still formulate our herbal […]

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