From the Shadows – Descending to Emerge Journey 4

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It is night and I am again sleeping in the little cavern room under the Tor.

I am awaken by a Sister Priestess and Moon Dragon is with her. They motion for me to follow and I slip on a robe and follow them.

I am surprisingly awake.

The Sister has a torch she is carrying and Mood Dragon glows on her own.

We travel deeper into the Tor caverns and it gets darker. It is chilly but I realize that I have my travel […]

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Initiations~ Descending to Emerge: Journey 3

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I begin this journey in the caverns of the Tor.

I wake in a bed in the little Cavern Rooms under the Tor. It is morning.

I dress causally and am asked to come again to the circle of the Council of Nine.

My Avalon Guide and Moon Dragon are already there. I talk first for I sense that otherwise I won’t have the opportunity to speak – “I have come to understand more about how The Tor is used in the initiations of the Avalon Priestess”.

Lots […]

The Training ~ Descending to Emerge: Journey 2

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I have left the Caverns under the Tor and am desperately tired but in haste to make my way back to The Tor as I have such a great calling within to be there.

I arrive at the markers for the Dragon ley lines and there she is The Moon Dragon waiting for me. She smiles – she is very old but every flexible. She hands me my Staff and I begin the ascent up the hill.

I tell her I am tired and she just smiles and hastens several very small dragons to come along with me. It is dark and cold. But I have on my Glamour cloak […]

Arriving Back on Avalon ~Descending to Emerge: Journey 1

I am crossing over the lake in the Barge. It has been a long time since I have been on Avalon as I have been away on a mission in the Outer World. Always with Avalon with me though.

When I step out of the Barge my Guide is there to greet me. She is happy to see me (although we have not been separated). She hands me a warm cup of herbal mixture – tasting good even though I don’t usually like these drinks.

I know I am going right off to the Tor. And we start walking in that direction. It is night.

I pass by the Dragon line markers and deliberately make my way to the top of the Tor. My Guide stays with me.

At […]