Festive Imbolc Bread

The recipe is based on Jewish Challah bread or as we like to call it in Poland – Chałka  by Eric Treuille

 This bread is so very yummy and so very soothing for the soul.
By Izabela Bielnicka, Initiate Woman Shaman Priestess Healer and creator of Femi Joga in Poland.


The Power of an Enchanting Place

“Pleasure is icing on the cake. It goes beyond comfort–it’s possible to be comfortable without feeling your heart sing!–and it goes beyond mere function. It’s humor, surprise, delight–and above all, beauty.”

There is something wonderful about nourishing yourself in an environment that exponentially enhances and amplifies the experience.

Have you looked through magazines with pictures of a gorgeous, relaxing, and peaceful meal time setting and felt the power of a perfectly designed place?

Did you eat your meals in an enchanting beautiful setting where everything infused you with the experience of beauty?

Or do you skip meals because there just isn’t any time to eat anyhow.


Traditional Foods at Imbolc

Butter is a traditional food that celebrates the lactation of the ewes. Cake, bread, butter, or porridge are placed in the window as an offering to Brigid’s White Cow. The next morning these blessed foods can be eaten by the family. Butter or oil left out on Imbolc Eve is used to make healing salves and ointments throughout the year.

The herb blackberry is sacred to Brigid and blackberry pies, jams, jellies and wines are eaten in honor of Brigid.

In Scotland a bonnach bride or bannock of Bride with hidden fruits and nuts was made at Imbolc – a large one for the whole family and a smaller one for each member of the family. The family would […]