The Primal Force

“Nature and women hold the original primal force that arises spontaneously. This creative force is the first element and the ground from which all elements of life on Earth emerge. It is original wholeness and oneness. Nature and women hold these earliest elements of existence from which all manifestation arises.” – MaryAnn Copson



Artwork by EarthStarStudios

My New Year’s Wish For You

We can obtain no peaceful good without reestablishing our conscious awareness of our inherent natural being with Earth and Nature. It is not only that Nature plays a vital role for us and we play a vital role for Nature it is truly that neither of us is whole and complete without the other.

There is a difference between being “part of” and being “is”.

What we experience Nature experiences. And what Nature experiences we  experience. You are Nature and Nature is you. All forms of conscious are one and the same. Just as every cell in your body is your body. Nature is your larger body. And you are Nature’s cell.

All consciousness -including Earth and beyond – are part of a global/universal community where we all […]

Nature Meanderings – Relevance

“The natural world, having no spoken language, largely consists of nonverbal relationships.  …we biologically experience these relationships as emotions, senses, and feelings.” ~Dr. M. Cohen

Try this activity that shows the importance of multi-sensory knowledge: Place one of your hands in a bowl of very hot water while your other hand is place in a bowl of very cold water. After a minute,  plunge both of your hands into one bowl of lukewarm water. In that moment, the hand coming from the cold water signals our consciousness that the lukewarm water is hot, while the hand coming from the hot water signals our consciousness that the lukewarm water is cold. Try it and notice what happens.

I did this a couple of times. […]

Reflections ~ Self Judgement

“My wish for you today is to stay out of self-judgment so that you can continue to create for your self a life that can serve your longing.”

When you wrap your self in self – judgement you disconnect from your self. And when you are disconnected from your self you can form no real connections with any one or anything else.

Coherent, neutral connection with your self is the foundation for the unfolding of your longing in life.

When you can come fully embracing all of your self then you are at peace and are conscious of the truth that you are always connected to all – to the whole Web of Life. It is your natural state.

Then your steps are only to bring forth the details […]

Prayers to the Ancestors

 Litany of the Bones

Herein lay the bones of my ancestors
Even as this body grows old and changes with time.
Herein lay the bones of my ancestors
Their bones are my structure, my support and keep me going
Herein lay the bones of my ancestors
While these bones may restrict me, I choose to be flexible
Herein lay the bones of my ancestors
Their bones strengthen me and their strength becomes my own
Herein lay the bones of my ancestors
Their bones are with me still and I bless the gift.
… Deanne Quarrie 2010



Calling to the Ancestors


The Great Harvest Festival Samhain

All of life begins in the dark, watery Cauldron of the Womb. It is here that we find our beginnings. At this time of the year, Autumn enfolds the Holy Day of Samhain (celebrated on October 31) /Calan Gaeaf (the lunar celebration of Samhain on October 27 this year).

The Holy Day Samhain is the veil that is both the end and the beginning. At Samhain you will stand both in and out of the worlds. Simultaneously, ending and beginning the yearly cycle. Samhain marks the beginning of the year in many traditional cultures.

The associated solar holiday is Halloween/Samhain/ All Hallow’s Eve (Oct. 31) and the Solar Observation is November 1st – All Saint’s Day in the Christian tradition.

In Celtic (Welsh) tradition, this day marked the […]

The Right of Refusal and Standing for What You Are For

If you have seen my Facebook page recently then you have seen that things have taken a turn on Facebook for me. You will see links to timely information, petitions for various causes, and as some might say – a slightly activist tone to the page instead of just the regular contemplative posts.

Why the shift?

I feel that there are so many crazy things going on in the world that it is time I begin to exercise my Right of Refusal and say “You know this isn’t really acceptable”.

It is time for me to spotlight what I do stand for.

I don’t listen to the News or read most mainstream journalism. The News shows and most newspapers and magazines these days are considered some kind of entertainment […]

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