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/Wheel of the Year

Festive Imbolc Bread

The recipe is based on Jewish Challah bread or as we like to call it in Poland – Chałka  by Eric Treuille

 This bread is so very yummy and so very soothing for the soul.
By Izabela Bielnicka, Initiate Woman Shaman Priestess Healer and creator of Femi Joga in Poland.


Imbolc – One of the 8 Great Harvest Festivals

The Light Returning

From Yule to Imbolc darkness reigns until we notice the returning of the light. The fires of Imbolc signified both the fire of fertility within Earth and the fires of the sun. The nights gradually shorten and the days gradually lengthen. Bonfires and candles were used in rituals as magical encouragement of the sun. Candles were left burning in window all night or carried in procession to mark this seasonal passage.

Imbolc, is known by many names in different cultures – Oimealg, Candlemas Day, GroundHog Day, La Fheile Bride (Ireland),  Gwyl Mair Dechraur Gwanwyn (Wales),  Laa’L Bresshey (on the Isle of Man), Goel Dantolyon (Brittany).  

The word Imbolc is thought to mean “the milk […]

The Festival of Brighid ~ The Quickener

In Ireland, Imbolc is called La Fheile Bride because it is the festival of the Goddess Brigid or Bride. Known also as Brigdhe, Bridie, Bree-je, and Brigit.  Brighid is the patroness of flocks, herds, and motherhood. In Ireland, Feb. 2 – Imbolc is the day of St. Brigit who has been known as the White Goddess and the “quickening Triple Muse”.

Imbolc was dedicated to the triple Brighid, who was believed to be born in a flaming house in the sun and usher in fertility and new life for the dead. At Imbolc Brighid’s Maiden Goddess form is celebrated.

Brighid’s colors were red, black, and white. Her sacred animals were the White Cow and sometimes the snake. Her flower was the […]

My New Year’s Wish For You

We can obtain no peaceful good without reestablishing our conscious awareness of our inherent natural being with Earth and Nature. It is not only that Nature plays a vital role for us and we play a vital role for Nature it is truly that neither of us is whole and complete without the other.

There is a difference between being “part of” and being “is”.

What we experience Nature experiences. And what Nature experiences we  experience. You are Nature and Nature is you. All forms of conscious are one and the same. Just as every cell in your body is your body. Nature is your larger body. And you are Nature’s cell.

All consciousness -including Earth and beyond – are part of a global/universal community where we all […]

The Turning of the Wheel of the Year – Winter Solstice

Mid-December is thus one of the most positively magical times of the year.  Things are possible during December’s darkening days that are not even dreamt of at other spokes of the Wheel of the Year.  We should use this magic as a vehicle for deepening our awareness of the world around us and preparing our souls for the ongoing pilgrimage of our lives.  A seeker of Wisdom in the thrall of Winter’s Solstice should consider their celebrations as a spiritual pilgrimage or even a quest, during which, through the disciplined use of the spiritual imagination, he or she may encounter one’s own truest self along the way and in communion with Spirit. Montague Whitsel

Winter Solistice this year of 2015 is on December solstice 2015: […]

Happy Day

Wishing everyone a Happy Gratitude and Appreciation Day!!! Here in the United States that’s Thanksgiving Day for those who celebrate it. Have a lovely, fun day with your family and friends.

MaryAnn Copson

Evenstar- Woman As Healer
Women Unfolding Their Creative Force As Women


Prayers to the Ancestors

 Litany of the Bones

Herein lay the bones of my ancestors
Even as this body grows old and changes with time.
Herein lay the bones of my ancestors
Their bones are my structure, my support and keep me going
Herein lay the bones of my ancestors
While these bones may restrict me, I choose to be flexible
Herein lay the bones of my ancestors
Their bones strengthen me and their strength becomes my own
Herein lay the bones of my ancestors
Their bones are with me still and I bless the gift.
… Deanne Quarrie 2010



Calling to the Ancestors


The Great Harvest Festival Samhain

All of life begins in the dark, watery Cauldron of the Womb. It is here that we find our beginnings. At this time of the year, Autumn enfolds the Holy Day of Samhain (celebrated on October 31) /Calan Gaeaf (the lunar celebration of Samhain on October 27 this year).

The Holy Day Samhain is the veil that is both the end and the beginning. At Samhain you will stand both in and out of the worlds. Simultaneously, ending and beginning the yearly cycle. Samhain marks the beginning of the year in many traditional cultures.

The associated solar holiday is Halloween/Samhain/ All Hallow’s Eve (Oct. 31) and the Solar Observation is November 1st – All Saint’s Day in the Christian tradition.

In Celtic (Welsh) tradition, this day marked the […]

Autumn Equinox~ Beginning Your Cycle of Healing

Nature naturally takes us through seasonal cycles of birth, growth, decline, death, and regeneration. By aligning our self with Earth’s natural cycles, we provide our self with a framework to help us grow and evolve as we release our Wounds and Shadows, complete our Initiations, and set our next Evolutionary Tasks. These Seasonal Cycle of Healing ~Rites of Passage and Initiations bring us to wholeness as we pass again and again through their rhythms and cycles.

Are You Sustainable?

Autumn is a time for harvesting. It is a time to clean out the old and make room to put up the fruits of the summer. We gather all of the results of our hard labors of the spring and summer and put them […]

Autumn Prayer

Autumn Prayer

Be patient.

Allow your energy to move inward and downward.

Concentrate your attention.

Focus your power.

Be orderly and efficient.

Be faithful to your direction and intention.

Match your pace and rhythm to that of Nature at this time.

Long, slow, steady, concentrated.

Be at peace.

It’s not about power it’s about grace.

Know your self.

Loosen your grip and work within the rhythm.

Let things take care of themselves.

Do what is before you to do.

Do what it is at hand.

–MaryAnn Copson

Gwyl Mair and Imbolc- Tracking Our Shadow Work

Avalon Lunar Tradition

In the Avalon tradition, Imbolc is known as Gwyl Mair the second Great Grove Festival in the Wheel of the Year.
In the Lunar tradition of Avalon, Gwyl Mair is celebrated on the first full moon when the sun is in Aquarius. Gwyl Mair is known as the Feast of Mary to the Welsh and as Imbolc (In the Belly) to the Irish (celebrated on Feb. 2). Traditionally, the Celts had little outward activity during their harsh winters. Agricultural, social, and much government work came to a standstill as weather and other natural forces of winter drove people inside. It was a time of inactivity and inward focus for the Celtic Britons. Unlike the other Great […]

What Seeds Do You Long to Plant?

Another way to celebrate Imbolc is to sit around the fire or candles and contemplate what do you hope to accomplish? What seeds do you wish to plant? You could write this ideas in a journal or discuss them with your loved ones. Then, on Lammas (August 2nd) you can look back to see what progress you have made.

Happy Imbolc!

This morning, as I kindle the flame upon my hearth, I pray that the flame of Brighid may burn in my soul and the souls of all I meet today.

And may it warm those who are lonely, so all may know the comfort of Brighid’s love.
#Imbolc #GreatHarvestFestival

How to Make a St. Bridget’s Cross

St Bridget’s Cross was traditionally placed above the entrance to a home to ward off any disease. Making a St Bridget’s Cross is a custom in Ireland. The St Bridget’s Cross is made out of plants called rushes (Juncus effusus) for hanging above the entrances to dwellings to invoke the help of St Bridget in warding off disease. St Bridget’s Day is celebrated on the 1st February each year and the crosses are made at that time.

Here is a link for instructions.
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Traditional Foods at Imbolc

Butter is a traditional food that celebrates the lactation of the ewes. Cake, bread, butter, or porridge are placed in the window as an offering to Brigid’s White Cow. The next morning these blessed foods can be eaten by the family. Butter or oil left out on Imbolc Eve is used to make healing salves and ointments throughout the year.

The herb blackberry is sacred to Brigid and blackberry pies, jams, jellies and wines are eaten in honor of Brigid.

In Scotland a bonnach bride or bannock of Bride with hidden fruits and nuts was made at Imbolc – a large one for the whole family and a smaller one for each member of the family. The family would […]