Woman As Shaman Priestess Practices

/Woman As Shaman Priestess Practices

Singing, Humming, Chanting, and Sounding With Nature

Earth Relationship Experiences -Awakening Your Many Sensory Intelligences

If you want to develop your consciousness beyond the conceptual confines of your culture and lineage you must go to Nature. Only Nature can unfold in you the ways of the Wise. Only Nature can provide you with the foundation and direction for your fulfillment. As you take steps to heal any estrangement from Nature you will develop joyful, responsible and attractive bonds with Nature that reduce your fears and loneliness. Deeply reconnecting with Nature shows you your wholeness and re-awakens your many forms of Natural Intelligences, Attractions, and Loves.

As you come to know again your own unity with Earth – which includes all of Earth’s creatures, and spirit, and eco-systems -you re-bond with […]

Imbolc – One of the 8 Great Harvest Festivals

The Light Returning

From Yule to Imbolc darkness reigns until we notice the returning of the light. The fires of Imbolc signified both the fire of fertility within Earth and the fires of the sun. The nights gradually shorten and the days gradually lengthen. Bonfires and candles were used in rituals as magical encouragement of the sun. Candles were left burning in window all night or carried in procession to mark this seasonal passage.

Imbolc, is known by many names in different cultures – Oimealg, Candlemas Day, GroundHog Day, La Fheile Bride (Ireland),  Gwyl Mair Dechraur Gwanwyn (Wales),  Laa’L Bresshey (on the Isle of Man), Goel Dantolyon (Brittany).  

The word Imbolc is thought to mean “the milk […]

Have a Very Happy Valentine’s ~and give a hand to Wild Life Too!

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Give a Valentine’s Day Gift for Wildlife
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Turn Your Relationships into Energy Generators Rather than Energy Drainers

“There is no hope or joy except in human relationships.”
– Antonine de Saint-Exupery

Valentine’s Day is coming up and even if you don’t “celebrate” Valentine’s Day the day might start you thinking about your relationships.

Relationships are important. You may love who you are in relationship with – but still have difficulty getting along with them.

Women are relationship oriented. Relationships mean a lot to us. A good relationship can give us increased energy, support a positive outlook, and the oomph to pursue our dreams.  A troubled relationship can wear us out and zap our zest for life.

Nothing affects us as woman like the quality of our relationships.

Research shows that when […]

Gwyl Mair and Imbolc- Tracking Our Shadow Work

Avalon Lunar Tradition

In the Avalon tradition, Imbolc is known as Gwyl Mair the second Great Grove Festival in the Wheel of the Year.
In the Lunar tradition of Avalon, Gwyl Mair is celebrated on the first full moon when the sun is in Aquarius. Gwyl Mair is known as the Feast of Mary to the Welsh and as Imbolc (In the Belly) to the Irish (celebrated on Feb. 2). Traditionally, the Celts had little outward activity during their harsh winters. Agricultural, social, and much government work came to a standstill as weather and other natural forces of winter drove people inside. It was a time of inactivity and inward focus for the Celtic Britons. Unlike the other Great […]

Happy Imbolc!

This morning, as I kindle the flame upon my hearth, I pray that the flame of Brighid may burn in my soul and the souls of all I meet today.

And may it warm those who are lonely, so all may know the comfort of Brighid’s love.
#Imbolc #GreatHarvestFestival

How to Make a St. Bridget’s Cross

St Bridget’s Cross was traditionally placed above the entrance to a home to ward off any disease. Making a St Bridget’s Cross is a custom in Ireland. The St Bridget’s Cross is made out of plants called rushes (Juncus effusus) for hanging above the entrances to dwellings to invoke the help of St Bridget in warding off disease. St Bridget’s Day is celebrated on the 1st February each year and the crosses are made at that time.

Here is a link for instructions.
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Traditional Foods at Imbolc

Butter is a traditional food that celebrates the lactation of the ewes. Cake, bread, butter, or porridge are placed in the window as an offering to Brigid’s White Cow. The next morning these blessed foods can be eaten by the family. Butter or oil left out on Imbolc Eve is used to make healing salves and ointments throughout the year.

The herb blackberry is sacred to Brigid and blackberry pies, jams, jellies and wines are eaten in honor of Brigid.

In Scotland a bonnach bride or bannock of Bride with hidden fruits and nuts was made at Imbolc – a large one for the whole family and a smaller one for each member of the family. The family would […]

Dusk to Bedtime Evening Ritual and Prayers


In the Celtic Tradition – Dusk is actually the beginning of the day and not the end of the day. It can be interesting to see how it feels to approach your 24 hours like this. As evening sets in you are preparing for a good start of your day rather then trying to finish up undone tasks from the day.

Dusk is a time that holds some psychological challenges as well as some sacred potentials and an evening ritual provides structure and support and guidance through this luminous time and the transition from waking to sleep.

Spend some time to bring forth an a short evening ritual, some prayers you make up yourself, and /or some Inner work, that honors […]

Closing Out The Year

The Wheel has turned in the Gregorian Calendar and we are at another new beginning. A fresh start -we love that!

Today we closed the gift receiving of last year by completing the shuffle of the new refrigerator into the old spot in the kitchen and the old refrigerator into a new spot in the mud room. Hooray!

I was reminiscing today about Winter Solstice, Christmas, New Year’s Eve – those markers in our life which signal a confluence of energies and realizations that help to make us who we are and impact how we move through life.

Winter Solstice- Divine and Chaos

Our Winter Solsitce this year was full! Very full 🙂

Wonder filled in its fullness – and also chaotically filled with last minute surprises.

Everyone in […]

Initiations~ Descending to Emerge: Journey 3

Read Arriving Back on Avalon ~Descending To Emerge Journey 1 here ; The Training ~ Descending to Emerge Journey 2 here

I begin this journey in the caverns of the Tor.

I wake in a bed in the little Cavern Rooms under the Tor. It is morning.

I dress causally and am asked to come again to the circle of the Council of Nine.

My Avalon Guide and Moon Dragon are already there. I talk first for I sense that otherwise I won’t have the opportunity to speak – “I have come to understand more about how The Tor is used in the initiations of the Avalon Priestess”.

Lots […]

The Yule Log

The Yule log is a remnant of the bonfires that the European pagans would set ablaze at the time of winter solstice. These bonfires symbolized the return of the Sun.

The Yule log can be made of many types of wood. Each releases its own kind of magic and felt sense from the Trees:

  • Aspen- invokes understanding of the grand design.
  • Birch- a messenger of new beginnings and the ability to develop magic
  • Rowan- elixir for long life and luminance quality to the body
  • Holly-is a tree of mystery and hidden secrets with a fresh and playful nature.
  • Oak- power, strength,protection, and change for the better
  • Pine- signifies expansion, freedom, prosperity and growth.
  • Willow- will whisper to your dreams and give you support that you need in times of stress
  • Apple- an invitation to walk […]

Winter Solstice and the Day Traditions Shifted

Winter Solstice is a big deal in our family. 

We all gather at our Big House and aren’t scattered at other family gatherings. We spend a month jiggling schedules around so that the date works for everyone. In 2014, we are 24 in our nuclear family – 12 adults and 12 grandchildren

Members who will be celebrating Christmas/Yule with other families bring their Secret Santa gifts and it is always a toss up if they will open them while gathered together this night or wait for Christmas day.

Two dear Fairy Children Granddaughters have their birthdays in Dec. -one one the 15th and one on the 18th and sometimes we celebrate their birthdays all together at Solstice with birthday cakes and presents amongst the holiday cakes, cookies, and presents.

Every one […]