Woman As Shaman Priestess Wellness Care

/Woman As Shaman Priestess Wellness Care

Wortcunner – Herbal Support for Strong Bones

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Nourishing Herbal Infusions 

Nourishing herbs are used to provide a strong foundation of nourishment in the body. Nourishing herbs build the “stuff” of the body and normally are free of side effects. They can be used by most people safely for long periods of time and in large amounts. They are in fact used more like foods than for their medicinal qualities. Nourishing herbs provide high levels of proteins, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, carotenes, and essential fatty acids and are used as infusions. 

Nourishing Herb Herbal Infusion: are like very strong teas which extract the vitamins and minerals from the herbs. Infusions normally have […]

Stripped To the Bone and Your Woman As Shaman Journey


Bringing the sacred and the energetic into your life is a sign of the times. The whole mystery field of shamanism, especially women remembering and reclaiming their heritage and lineage as Women Shaman Priestess, is awakening people’s attention.

Some women may take this call up by traveling a rigorous and deep Initiatory Journey leading to their Initiation as a Woman Shaman Priestess.  Other women may choose to infuse their daily lives with more of these sacred energies even though they do not feel called to be embrace initiation as a Woman Shaman Priestess.

Sacred Energies and Your Physical Body

Either way when you begin to embrace the sacred energies into your life it is important to realize that […]