This might be one of the first contacts you’ve gotten from me in a long time.

I’m arising up out of a deeply submerged time. I’ve been creating and writing, creating and writing- and adjusting my life to better meet my Self.

Creating and Writing Programs

A couple of years ago, I started creating and writing a year long program – The Wise Woman Wortcunner Journey – and today I have just finished the next to the last Journey Lesson. It has been like writing a full length book AND creating a multi-media presentation. Whew! But it is Beautiful! and an amazing multi-dimensional Journey.

After I finish the last Journey Lesson – “the Ritual for receiving the healing gifts of the Herbs you have been working with” – then I can turn my attention to many of the fantastic upgrades that I will be adding (and everyone who is already registered will be eligible to receive the upgrades 🙂

It took huge engagement to come to be able to put into words the relationship that I have developed over 30 years with the herbs and healing.  I’m pleased that the Wise Woman Wortcunner program speaks well to the beginning steps of unfolding your capacity for direct multi-sensory perception of Nature.

I feel that this program makes great strides in bringing forth a living healing way that is very much in alignment with bringing more conscious awareness to the true dynamic of healing- “remedies don’t heal consciousness heals”. As one travels through the Wise Woman Wortcunner Program you merge with herbalism from a new perspective of consciousness – Archetypal Herbalism as Eco-therapy.

More Writings- Dissertations and Ph.D.s

I am , also, deep in the process of creating and writing my dissertation for my Ph.D. in Applied Organic Psychology (Eco-Therapy). I’m researching and writing my proposal now along with finishing up some stray requirements here and there. Plus, I have added to this Ph.D. process certification in Eco-Art Therapy – what an effective, creative and transformational process this has been!

My dissertation proposal centers around developing secure attachment- and a feeling of safety and security in the world-  by bonding with Nature through safe, enjoyable, and fulfilling Nature experiences (some of which may involve some of the Wise Women Wortcunner Nature Earth Relationship and Eco-Art experiences).

This work is grounded in merging aspects from interpersonal neurobiology (i.e. neuroscience), multi-sensory and multi-dimensional awareness (i.e. shamanism), and positive psychology (i.e. thriving and fulfillment).  My hope is to end up with a effective program for assisting people in finding fulfillment and satisfaction within themselves.

Moving Onward

All this -and reconfiguring and consolidating my 2 acres of herbal gardens –  have captured my attention, time, and resources – and whisked me away to work on them and what is now my full practice of clients and students. But it is time to put my feet back on the ground again and look to fully incorporating these new ways to share with others.

Last year, just having barely birthed the new Woman As Healer website and practice, I’m now turning my attention to making more connections and bringing my work more widely out into the world.

I’d like to take these first steps by sharing with you ways you can awaken your own sensory genius and supporting you in unfolding your creative force for healing, thriving, and finding your personal sense of spiritual consciousness.

Coming up in the next post will be an engagement with Nature  with an Earth Relationship Experience that I designed in one of my Eco-Therapy courses and adapted for use in the Wise Woman Wortcunner Program.

Hope you will enjoy it. I’m only posting a few times a month so as not to overcrowd your email inboxes – so look for the next post in a bit :-).