In the Celtic Tradition – Dusk is actually the beginning of the day and not the end of the day. It can be interesting to see how it feels to approach your 24 hours like this. As evening sets in you are preparing for a good start of your day rather then trying to finish up undone tasks from the day.

Dusk is a time that holds some psychological challenges as well as some sacred potentials and an evening ritual provides structure and support and guidance through this luminous time and the transition from waking to sleep.

Spend some time to bring forth an a short evening ritual, some prayers you make up yourself, and /or some Inner work, that honors the significance of Dusk and the time until bedtime.

The most effective ritual is that which is regular and rhythmic as this provides a a structure that helps us feel safe and able us to engage the energies. Evening ritual and prayer help you consciously engage the transition from wake into the “temple of dreams” and help you invoke sound, nourishing sleep.

Evening Prayer

“Mother Goddess of Moon and Stars

Bring your presence from afar

And blessed me in this sacred rite

Grant me the knowledge and clarity

To understand your words to me

Lend your powers and send your light

Aid me in my work tonight

With love and wisdom please embrace

All within this sacred space

Mother I now call to you

Bring your message clear and true.”

Bedtime Prayer

“Now I lay me down to rest,

I pray that all the world be blessed.

Lady Moon and Sister Star

Watch over me from afar.

The Lord of dreams will dance and sing,

And to me sweet dreams he will bring.

And when I awake to greet the day,

Brother sun will light the way.”

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