Did you ever walk along outside and get a sense that you might have heard some message – or something?

Plants talk.  You know that by now. Plants continually are calling you to come join them in a journey through your mutli-dimensional awareness to the wholeness of yourself.

At its heart, herbal medicine is about taking the journey into deep healing for yourself. The plants have things to say to you about yourself, your personal healing, and how you can become the stewards of their secrets. They invite you to step into this deep healing and with their assistance carry it into yourself and in doing that take a step to heal the world.

Plants aren’t just remedies – they are consciousness. Each type of Plant carrying its group consciousness as well as their own individual consciousness woven into the whole.

Remedies don’t heal. Consciousness heals.

Original Intent

Most of the world has used herbal medicine for most of recorded history. Herbal medicine is part of a traditional culture of medicine and healing. Original herbal medicine played a central part in an integral system of healing that addressed the individual as part of a whole constellation of order.

In this kind of traditional healing culture, the whole person and their entire context of being was addressed. Each problem the person encountered had its physical, emotional, psychological, social, spiritual, relationship, family, and community correlates. Not only were the person’s symptoms considered in choosing healing remedies but also the person as part of the whole constellation of her social order was addressed.

Remedies were chosen by taking into account all of these factors– herbs often being a part of the remedy constellation.

An herbal remedy was a marker for this holistic medicine approach. The herb was not just used for its chemical constituents. Rather the herb was used to carry the intention for healing the whole. As a part of nature – an integral part of the whole – it was appropriate for herbs to represent this wholistic intention.

When you took an herb, the intent was to imbibe that representative part of the whole with the entire healing intention. Herbs were more than just a physical remedy to relieve a physical symptom more than just a convenient remedy to overcome troublesome aspects.

Herbal Medicine was a way of restoring Earth and healing the wholeness of your self  – mind, body, soul, and spirit – all of you.

Herbalism is eco-therapy in action – a way of rejuvenating Earth and healing yourself and others. Eco-therapy is a means by which we are healing and growing through healthy and supportive interaction with Earth.

The wholeness of our being – our psychology, physiology, spirituality, sociology – our thoughts, feelings, intuition, creativity, language, relationships – all of what we are – arises out of our connection to Earth or our separation from it.

The latest scientific understandings of our universe and the most ancient indigenous wisdom tells us that Nature has the central and most vital role in our in our healing, development and evolution.

As you have been traveling along your Wise Woman Wortcunner Journey you  may be experiencing that you are “intimately connected with, embedded in, and inseparable from” nature.

As you experience this, you will begin to realize and understand that healing with herbs can only truly take place when it arises out of your deepest multi-dimensional, multi-sensory connections with Earth. You will come to recognize your self as a “part of Nature’s global, self organizing, perpetuation and regeneration system”.

Through your continued sensory experiences with Nature you will become consciously aware of the ever present, ongoing communications of your 54 Natural senses. Each of your natural senses is an intelligence common to you and all of Nature and Nature is speaking to you through each of your many varied experiences of these senses.

As you learn to release to and recognize your sensory experiences you will be able to gain the guidance of your Natural senses in your unfolding. In this way,  your interactions with the Plants access the wisdom of “Nature in action” and guide you in the use of Herbal Medicine as Eco-therapy.

Entering into the Archetypal Energetics of the Wise Woman Wortcunner will carry through the deep connection to Earth to these Mysteries of Healing held in your Heart and Soul’s Consciousness.

The intent of the Wise Woman Wortcunner Journey is not primarily about learning about herbal medicine (although you do learn a lot about herbal medicine as we go along) but rather about reclaiming the inherent sacred feminine shamanic ability (which some call the natural systems thinking process) to live in direct sensory communication with the many intelligences of the Plants.

The Wise Woman Wortcunner Journey’s core message is about learning and incorporating a structure and a system for accessing your own ancient archetypal wisdom and knowledge. Through connecting with these archetypal aspects of your self as ancient Wise Woman Wortcunner you would come to consciously inhabit and use your many natural senses of different forms of  intelligences, attractions and love.

Join the Wise Woman Wortcunner Journey -unfold your self as a Seer and Wise Woman who can read the signs of Nature and be taught by the Plants through your Direct Sensory Perception of Nature.