The Way of The Wise Woman Wortcunner Work ~

Sensual Beings and Attractions

We are sensual beings – everything that we know about any part of the world – subtle to gross – is gathered through our sensory perceptions.

These days our senses have become dull – not necessarily because of our modern day world but because we have shut our self off from the source of our senses – Earth.  This has resulted in becoming disconnected from our natural rhythms and thus we have become somewhat handicapped in being able to access our full sensory potential.

By placing your self back into the ground of your beingness – back with Earth/Nature – you begin your process of reconnecting to your natural rhythms and thus returning/reactivating your extensive network of direct sensory perception Webstreams.

As you re-awaken to the fullness of your sensory perceptions you remember who you really are – you remember your true self.

As you reconnect your conscious awareness to the larger part of your self – Earth/Nature – all of your sensory capacities come back on line again – come again to your conscious awareness. And you remember that you are fully capable of carrying on non-verbal, multi-dimensional communication- just like every other part of nature is.

Plant Consciousness, Plant Relationships, and Sensory Awareness

Plants take the universal energies of the Sun and the magnetic and other innate life forces of Earth and digest and transform them making this bio-electro-magnetic energy – innate vitality – available to all other living life forms. Plants process the very life energy that we need not only to live but also to heal, develop, and evolve. In this true sense of the word – Plants are Life Supporting Life.

This special relationship between Plants and other living beings makes it possible to refine, evolve, and enrich our life force through conscious consensual relationship with the Plants. Through our common sensory intelligences we and the Plants can connect to the force of the “boundless energy of the universe” within each other and bring this energy back into our bodies.

The very first act of communication you make when coming in contact with a Plant is to sense rather than think.

Feel your sensations and feelings that are being stirred in your physical and subtle bodies – all of which are registered in your physical bodies and thus brought to your conscious awareness.

Feel all of your many natural sensory perception streams of attractions, intelligences, and many forms of love.

Become conscious of your emotions – both primary and secondary – that are being triggered by the sensations and feelings the Plant is evoking in you.

Give your self over to your sense of the holographic dynamic of this contact.

Your attractions are your signals to move closer to a Plant.

These attractions come through your sensory perceptions – something that draws you to the Plant; or causes you to chose this Plant to work with – or perhaps it is actually that this Plant has chosen you to work with and through activating attractions within you is calling you to it.

Attraction is favorable attention.

Your sensory perceptions evoke positive emotions which then call forth an embedded meaning that your unconscious awareness is delivering to your conscious awareness.

You want to be clear about your intention with your self and with the Plant.

Your intention is to build a relationship with the Plant so that the Plant may come to you to impart its healing gifts. So that you may feel the consciousness of the Plant – and through feeling embrace the Plant’s message to you.

Your intention is to show the Plant that you can be faithful and responsible carriers of its healing gifts.

You can come to embody the resonance/dynamic/healing gifts of the Plant.

You don’t become a channel for the Plant.

You can become the Plant – its dynamic. It’s essence. You begin to take the Plant’s consciousness into your self – your body, mind, soul, and spirit.

You embody the Plant and its gifts. You become the Plant.

And the Plant embodies you – if it chooses – which is why  it is able to deliver a specific profile /aspect of its consciousness to you then what it might deliver to someone else.

As the Plant embodies you it shifts and changes itself to reflect your needs. And it shifts and changes you to reflects its wishes.

The Wise Woman Work~Bringing The Plant’s Consciousness To Your Conscious Awareness

After the Encounter with the Plants there are a sequence of incorporation steps to take for this Wise 2de5e007fe4ce34dbfc8ac5c57d382d9Woman Wortcunner work.

You write it all down – for this is the step taken to support your mind in decoding the Plant’s message and giving it meaning that is meant for you.

The Debriefings – which organizes your direct experience and written experience through your insights and realizations into a linear system that trains your mind into greater conscious awareness.

The Journaling – which is the gateway to your noticing and understanding of your processing. The Journaling lays out for you to notice where your conceptual fields and beliefs within your current world view are ready for evolution so that you can more easily move into the new world view that you are evolving towards.

But first and foremost -before the Debriefing and the Journaling- is your direct Experience.

This is where you tell /write about your actual felt experience. It is in telling/writing about your direct Experience that you learn to speak as the Voice of Nature. In writing of your Direct Experience with the Plant, you yield your voice to the words that arise from within the mystery of your feeling – these words are the closest vibrational frequency match to your direct experience. As you speak or write these words from within the experience of your feelings,  you move even deeper into the mystery of the all that is contained within your Experience. These words then hold power and energy.

Even after you have had the alive experience, you can travel back within the Mystery and revisit your Direct Experience and speak and write from within the Experience.

Here is an example of a written Direct Experience:

Strengthening Natural Senses – Programmed Perception Activities

“I went outside in the coldness of our deep snow and ice. Normally, at this time the early daffodils will have bloomed, the crocus be up, and the forsythias blooming. I am not a fan of cold and snow these days but I decided to change my perceptions.

Out in the snow I notice my two surviving Rosemarys all buried in the snow. I felt a twinge to go and uncover them but moved on. I could see them as a victim of this snow I don’t like or I could feel peaceful in leaving them to pull through on their own. My hope is with them pulling through.

I stood there and just stared out on this huge blanket of deep snow and ice. I started – why aren’t you melting- and then I stopped. And just stood there surrounded by snow. I felt just being there. I felt cold like the snow. And without struggle like all of the land here now. No struggle. It is what it is. And as I stood there from way off in my perceptual field I felt the thinnest wave of warmth – coming. I could perceive its coming and perceive its beginning here now even though its full manifestation would not arrive for awhile. The smallest perturbations in the whole. No victims as it is what it is. Then I could perceive Rosemary breathe in that thinnest wave of warmth. And it was like an elixir for Rosemary. And then for me.”

This would then be followed by a specialized Debriefing Process and then taken further over time within the free form Journaling.

As you embrace the Plant in the way of the Wise Woman Wortcuner Work ,  you will allow the Plant’s consciousness to arise within you.

Your linear articulation of the Plant’s messaging to you makes it way to your conscious awareness through intuition, visions, imagination, memories, verbal language, arts, song, music – direct knowing.

All are aspects of your sensory awareness.

A Plant will release its gifts to you if you show a sincere, heartfelt longing to come to know it in its many guises – and you show your self to be responsible carrier of its gifts through deep engagement of its Mysteries.

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