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I begin this journey in the caverns of the Tor.

I wake in a bed in the little Cavern Rooms under the Tor. It is morning.

I dress causally and am asked to come again to the circle of the Council of Nine.

My Avalon Guide and Moon Dragon are already there. I talk first for I sense that otherwise I won’t have the opportunity to speak – “I have come to understand more about how The Tor is used in the initiations of the Avalon Priestess”.

Lots of hushed talking. A Matron stands and brings me over to her by telekinesis.

She is holding a spinning crystal silver blue globe. She asks me to imagine that this is my internal terrain. And also the whole terrain of Avalon. “We are one and the same”, she says.

“The internal terrain of every Avalon Priestess is the whole terrain of Avalon.”

“Before you can reach the surface for new growth you will have had to be underground. Gathering energy. Strong nourishment and resources. Incubating a robust whole seed that will be able to sprout.”

“Spent seeds have no energy to emerge. They are like stalks left above ground.”

“To emerge you must first have pushed a seed underground and then let it be cared for underground. Pushing it too soon to the surface will freeze it and rot it.”

“But staying underground and letting the energy for growth surround the seed will ensure a good sprouting and wide spread flowering.”

“The Caverns here under the Tor allow you to travel to deep and ancient places which hold very old Mysteries.”

“You don’t come here to emerge. You come here to follow the trails until you fall upon the Mystery that is waiting for the light in you.”

“You agree to take this seed of Mystery and to incubate it and give it ample nourishment for the journey to the surface.”

“You come here to get stronger. You come here to rest. You come here to release all that binds you up.”

“You come here to take up the journey of your next Initiation and to gather together your teachers and your supplies for the journey to the surface.”

“You can only find your teachers and your supplies after you have traced the lines of your inner confusion bound up in your Shadow to its source. There you will find your teacher and your supplies.”

“Then you will heal and rest and, at the right moment,  in the quiet of the Caverns mysteriously begin your journey to the surface.”

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