We can obtain no peaceful good without reestablishing our conscious awareness of our inherent natural being with Earth and Nature. It is not only that Nature plays a vital role for us and we play a vital role for Nature it is truly that neither of us is whole and complete without the other.

There is a difference between being “part of” and being “is”.

What we experience Nature experiences. And what Nature experiences we  experience. You are Nature and Nature is you. All forms of conscious are one and the same. Just as every cell in your body is your body. Nature is your larger body. And you are Nature’s cell.

All consciousness -including Earth and beyond – are part of a global/universal community where we all share common sense (our commonly shared set of sensory perceptions) and we all have continuous and current communication flowing to, from, and through all for the well being of all.

It is a bit like one becoming many and many becoming one.

All forms of conscious on Earth come together in mutual, consensual relationships of evolution and development. You need/want them as much as they need/want you. All become bound together in assisting each other in fulfilling each of our desires for fulfillment.

With a greater experience that you are a “unified field” –  I am all of Nature and all of Nature is me – this allows you – forms the foundation for you – to release to the direction that you receive from the whole that is being perceived in your body and brought to your conscious awareness through your felt sensations – feelings, emotions, and sensory intelligences.

Your sensory intelligences are direct guidance from the whole for the whole and as human you will then take these sensory feelings – the messages in the feelings – and give them meanings based upon your own conceptual preferences and experiences. Thus you become an individual cell operating independently within the whole but still the whole.

We instruct and inform each other. We open portals for each other and get a sense of the agreements and the work we have to do with each other. This expands not only our Earth Sensing conscious awareness, it also does the same for Earth. We are all in the process of attuning to each others’ energies and in the process of continually exchanging sensory information between each other and building our sensory connections with each other.

Over time we build  sensory fields amongst all of us. Immersion for each of us into these sensory fields results in a kind of emergent fields where at some points this sensory exchange becomes so saturated that portals of evolution open for each of us. As each of us, in our own way, steps through these gateways of sensory information we each connect to the webstreams of information organized in the larger sensory fields of all times – past, present, and future.

As we do this we each claim our prophetic potential for our selves and for the other and are able to work in cooperation to unfold our initiations and creative potential. We become the creative potential for the other. In a very real sense, we all become the power and the way for each other to fulfill and unfold our path in this time and place.

Along the way we give each other experiences of beauty and fulfillment. We create spaces for sensory communication for others to enjoy and evolve themselves through those interactions.

Through this reverence in our sensory exchanges different elemental forms of energy come to shape and commune with each of us. Thus, we greatly intensify our appreciation of each other and shine a light for each other back to the primacy of their own sensory perceptions that guide them along their path of attractions and un-attractions.

Thus we reach fulfillment for all. May it be so throughout this year for each one.

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