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About Evenstar:

Evenstar is an educational and consulting company. The programs, courses, consultations, and offerings by Evenstar are intensive journeys of learning and creative transformation. This website is provided for general illustrative and instructional purposes, and does not create a business or professional services relationship without the purchase of a product or service. Any information is provided for the sole purpose of education and is not to supplant any medical or psychological services. You are responsible for what you do with the information presented.

MaryAnn Copson cannot guarantee your experience or results – only you can do that. Please be aware that lack of compliance is the number one reason for lack of results in any life changing program whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Any life decisions you make are entirely yours and made only by your own original thinking. Any reliance on the information provided by MaryAnn Copson and Evenstar is solely at the user’s own risk. You are fully responsible for any actions you take as a result of anything on Evenstar’s websites or the associated email newsletters and downloadable materials and all other associated material including personal contact with MaryAnn.

About the images:

In addition to our own original images, several photographers and artists have graciously allowed us to use their images on our sites, and many are taken from free stock photo and public domain sources. With the proliferation of photo sharing sites it is easy for the true owner of an image to be unclear. We try our best to research and respect copyrights. However, if you feel that a picture on this site might be infringing your copyright, please do provide us with the URL of our page where you feel there is copyright infringement, a description of the image, and a statement that you are the rightful owner of the digital media. As you prefer, we will take down the photo or give you credit and a link to whatever site that you use to promote your work.

Terms of Service:

The following policies are intended to facilitate your  successful experience.  In order to receive the full benefit of these offerings you must be committed to your journey. Our ability to offer these services is contingent upon receiving a fair and reliable exchange.

Registration: Refer to listings for specific registration procedures and deadlines. Registration will be considered complete upon full payment, payment of deposit, or payment of the first payment in a payment plan.

Deposits: Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Cancellation and Refund Policy: Unless specifically stated, no refunds are given. We will attempt to facilitate the transfer of any payment beyond the stated deposit in the service description to another Evenstar offering should circumstances make participation in the initial offering impossible. Any Evenstar credit expires in two years from the date of cancellation. No credit is offered for Woman as Shaman Initiatory Training.

Payment Arrangements: Financing of payment may be granted by special arrangement. A credit card must be on file with Evenstar and payments made automatically at regular intervals. There will be an additional charge for this service. In the event of failure to complete the offering, your card will continue to be charged as per your agreement.

Special Offers and Discounts:  Promotions are time sensitive and may only be applied during the limited time period associated with the offer. Please use coupon code or mention the ad to claim discount. Many special offers and discounts are only available to orders that are processed online through our shopping cart. Promotions cannot be combined. Orders and registrations must be placed and paid by cutoff date. Promotions apply to new service only, only to product or service specified, and cannot be applied to a previous commitment or an existing extended payment plan. If payment terms are not met, the discounts become void and the full fee is assessed.

Supplies: Costs associated with any supplies, books, or other resources needed or recommended are not included in any offering except as specifically mentioned.

There may be available certain supplies which you may use at the Earth Path School, and there may be items available which you may buy from Evenstar. However, you are not obligated to get these supplies from Evenstar and may substitute any similar supplies from another source of your choosing.

Proprietary Information Policy: Participants agree to restrictions on the use of information presented by Evenstar. Students and graduates must observe the following guidelines for using and sharing this work.

  • You may not advertise or present yourself in any way that implies that you are a branch or authorized representative of Evenstar or any Evenstar entity.
  • Without appropriate official certification from us, you may not advertise or represent yourself as being certified by Evenstar or any Evenstar entity.
  • Any materials provided by Evenstar as part of your association with Evenstar are for your personal use only unless otherwise stated. These materials must be properly attributed to MaryAnn Copson.  You may not provide materials to any other individuals, including your clients or family members, or allow others to use your access to these materials online, or post to any website or online forum unless otherwise stated and properly attributed to MaryAnn Copson.
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  • Graduates of Programs and Trainings are authorized to practice what they have learned in their association with Evenstar, but are not authorized by Evenstar to teach or train others in using our methods and techniques unless certified by us to do so and properly attributed to MaryAnn Copson.
  • You may download and print out for later reference a hard copy of materials for your personal use only. All copies of this material in any media, whether electronic or physical, must include full attribution to MaryAnn Copson. The use of this website is subject to all applicable laws involving copyrighted materials and intellectual property.


The content of these pages is for informational purposes only and is not intended as prescriptive or medical advice. Any statement that may be construed as medical has not been evaluated by the FDA. The lifestyle and nutritional suggestions in this material are not offered to treat, mitigate, cure or prevent disease, and should not be used as a substitute for sound medical advice. Health information presented is designed to be used in conjunction with the ongoing services of a trained licensed healthcare practitioner. We do not claim that products described treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any physical or mental condition or illness. Only medical doctors and drug companies whose large profits allow them to perform the sort of tests required by the FDA can claim that.

The services performed by MaryAnn Copson, Licensed Certified Nutritionist, are limited to consultation on the subject of nutritional matters and comprehensive lifestyle plans with alternative health and wellness considerations that are intended for the maintenance of the best possible state of general and nutritional health and performance and do not involve the diagnosing, prognosticating or treatment of disease. MaryAnn Copson, CN, is not a Medical Doctor and according to the government of the United States and the State of Virginia is not qualified for medical diagnostic or treatment procedures. Her work includes no medical evaluation or assessment, nor any interpretation of any medication information, medical testing, and/or any medical conditions or illness.

All Evenstar herbal products are sold without warranty and are specifically formulated and packaged individually and as such are not returnable. Descriptive names of herbal products do not imply a medical, curative, or preventive effect and are based solely upon traditional herbal wisdom and unsubstantiated anecdotal evidence. Herbal products are not intended for use in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease.

It is important to make the distinction that, whenever MaryAnn may refer to “medicine” in connection with anything that she is doing, she is not talking about conventional allopathic medical treatments. Traditional native cultures often refer to medicine as something that gives power and completion to a person and this is the definition that we use in conjunction with MaryAnn’s Native American heritage and training whenever referring to any product or service of MaryAnn Copson and Evenstar.

Websites owned by Evenstar contain information taken with permission from other websites as well as links to websites maintained by other organizations. Evenstar cannot and does not provide any warranty about the accuracy or source of such information or the content of any file on third-party sites.

Do not delay seeking medical care or disregard taking medical advice because of something you read on this or any other website. Any person requiring advice of a psychological, medical, or urgent nature should seek the personal advice of a qualified professional of his or her choice.

All products are sold without warranty unless specifically stated in the product description. Details and descriptions of programs, products, curriculum, and services including but not limited to terms of service and price, may change without notice.

We cannot be held responsible for any use or misuse of this information or our services.

Following our own advice regarding respect for the natural rhythms of the body, we have given up our youthful proclivity for compulsive proofreading late into the night and therefore must decline responsibility for typographical errors.

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