“Pleasure is icing on the cake. It goes beyond comfort–it’s possible to be comfortable without feeling your heart sing!–and it goes beyond mere function. It’s humor, surprise, delight–and above all, beauty.” ~www.care2.com

There is something wonderful about nourishing yourself in an environment that exponentially enhances and amplifies the experience.

Have you looked through magazines with pictures of a gorgeous, relaxing, and peaceful meal time setting and felt the power of a perfectly designed place?

Did you eat your meals in an enchanting beautiful setting where everything infused you with the experience of beauty?

Or do you skip meals because there just isn’t any time to eat anyhow.

Or maybe you eat your meal while driving – wolfing down the food in one big bite while attempting to cut across traffic.

Which experience do you want? Which one do you like the best?

Eating your meals in a peaceful beautiful setting has lots of advantages.

Your digestion, emotions, and body rhythms are all intimately connected. If you are multitasking while eating the output of your digestive enzymes is dramatically reduced. Even reading or balancing your checkbook while eating lowers the output of your digestive secretions – which means your digestion is not so good.

If you don’t have enough digestive enzymes and digestive juices you won’t break down your food as well. You won’t have access to the vitamins and minerals in your food. You won’t absorb the food’s nutrients. This leaves you open to developing nutritional deficiencies and begins a downward spiral for your moods and energy.

But really – the most important thing is – which experience would you like most to have?

Rushed and overwhelmed?

Or nourished by peaceful beauty?

Little changes can make your mealtimes more sacred, more enjoyable and more environmentally and physiologically nourishing.

When you sit down to eat – the food, table setting, and surrounding environment can generate a feeling of calmness, serenity and openness to receiving nourishment.

For some meal in your day, try sitting down in a clean and clear space in which you feel good, peaceful, safe, and secure.

You might use your best dinnerware. Have a vase of flowers on the table. Use your crystal glasses and pressed cloth napkins. Make a special effort to present your food attractively on your plate. Drink your tea from a beautiful teacup.

Spending 5 minutes in beauty can help you out all day long.

Bring your awareness and sense of elegance and beauty to the table.

Let the power of the setting work its magic on you – reconnecting you to your natural rhythms and nourishing your moods and energy throughout the day.

”Be faithful in small things
because it is in them that your strength lies.”
- Mother Teresa

IMG_1753P.S. Where is your favorite place to eat a beautiful meal?

I love sitting at my dinning room table surrounded by my lush house plants and looking out over my gardens.

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