The Medicine Walk Ritual consists of preparations, severance, the threshold experience in nature and incorporation afterwards..

What we call the beginning is often the end.
And to make an end is to make a beginning.
The end is where we start from.
–T.S. Eliot

The Medicine Walk is a journey taken within the embrace of Nature. It is a tryst with Nature and a pilgrimage into your self where the signs and symbols of the natural world are a reflection of your inward journey.

Your Medicine Walk is Unique and Personal and Waiting For You to Discover Its Hidden Power.

You begin with clarifying the guidance you are seeking and preparing yourself to read the Greater Patterns in order to notice the wisdom revealed.

During your walk, certain spirits or powers of nature, which typify the nature of your own inner council, are attracted by you and reveal themselves to you. In concert with each other, you and Nature weave an allegorical or symbolic story which indicates future direction, inherent gifts and senses common to all, and acts of power that you might perform as Nature’s wisdom unfolds within you.

The Medicine Walk takes place from sunrise to sunset in a safe place outside in nature. You will work with a buddy system for this walk to ensure your safety.7014b72a370e54952018708e7ae9767d

You ready your self the night before your Medicine Walk by packing your emergency kit and a few other items that you need for your day’s journey. Get a good night’s rest the night before. An important dream may arise on this night.

The beginning and end of your Medicine Walk are marked by ceremony. The ceremony that you perform at these points may be elaborate or simple, and involve your focused attention and your gratitude to your Mother Earth for her teaching and safe keeping.

You begin at sunrise and you walk on and off in some natural place until sunset. You take food and water on your Medicine Walk to nourish and sustain you through the day.

You set forth on a wandering, intuitive course, without consciously attempting to reach any goal – an unstructured walk – being ever mindful of symbolic messages and guidance. As you wander, keep your eyes open. Be aware if you are feeling drawn in any direction or to anything. Listen to and sense the consciousness of all that is around you.

Pay special attention to loved ones and friends who call strongly to you as you walk. Indeed, some of those who call to you are your Spirit Guides, and teachers, heroes, and helpers, who watch you as you grow and help to strengthen the circle of your fortitude and direction.

It is wise to keep a journal account of your walk and to be familiar with its basic plot – for it is a kind of “life story” and you are its hero/ heroine. Like your life, this story has a beginning and an end. At the end of your Medicine Walk you will share this adventure with me acting as your Council of Elders. As you give meaning to the story of your Medicine Walk salient features of the story you may have overlooked or forgotten will reveal themselves.

The Medicine Walk is an exercise of balance and attunement. It is not a challenging of the elements, nor is it an endurance contest. The walker maintains connection with the beauty of life and the reality of death as both are reflected by the world of nature.

In order to arrive at what you do not know you must go by the way which is the way of ignorance. — T.S. Elliot

How To Take Your Medicine Walk


The Sacred Earth Path Medicine Walk is a contemporized version of the traditional Rite of Passage found in many cultures and is designed to be accessible in today’s modern world.

We’ll work together to plan and prepare you. Your Medicine Walk Journey takes place over three months.

  • The first month is your Preparation and Severance Phase. We work together to clarify the guidance you are seeking, prepare you to be a attentive seeker, and plan and design your Medicine Walk. You choose a safe, natural place to take your Medicine Walk.
  • In the second month, we finalize your Medicine Walk plan, you take your Medicine Walk, and we move through your Debriefing Process.
  • In the third month we work to support you during the critical Incorporation Phase.

As your Medicine Walk midwife, I will act as your guide, guardian, and gatekeeper as you embark on your own personal journey through the Medicine Walk Rite of Passage.

We meet in two one hour sessions each month for three months – long distance by phone Sessions by phone and email.

and I will be available to you throughout the process by email as you design and travel through your initiation.

I will guide you through the unfolding of the Medicine Walk, anchoring you in traditional preparations, severance, threshold and incorporation rituals, and practices.

Tuition – $645. Payable in one or two payments.

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Or you may contact me by email for questions, to make your payment, and schedule your sessions.

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