Autumn Initiations fortify you for sustainability.Are You Sustainable?

Autumn is a time for harvesting. It is a time to clean out the old and make room to put up the fruits of the summer. We gather all of the results of our hard labors of the spring and summer and put them up for use during the contraction of the winter.

If you have a garden, you will be busy taking in your last harvest and canning, freezing and putting them in storage. At the same time, you will be cleaning up the debris in the garden and settling and fortifying the gardens for winter. Autumn is the time in which we prepare for the rest and contraction of the coming winter.

Autumn is a time of stocking up the good and releasing the debris. Outward growth is drawing to a close and the last of the harvest is being collected and stored away. All food, fodder, and fuel for winter must be procured and safely stored away during this season. All accounts must be settled, rents and debts paid and wages distributed, and incompletions drawn to a close.

The dark begins its descent upon us in the Otherworld and its energies can be easily accessed. We perform rites and ceremonies that contact the dead and retell stories of the Gods, Goddesses, and the Great Heroes/Heroines. Special divinations for the coming year are performed.

We bring our focus closer to those parts of our life, that anchor us – our work, our family, our home. The Autumn Initiations pull our focus in to our self and down to our roots.

Everything in nature take stock of its reserves, begins its contraction and pulls its spirit inward and downward. As Autumn starts to draw us into Earth the days become the veil that is both the end and the beginning. We stand both in and out of the worlds.

The Autumn Rites of Passage draw us to go inward and connect with that which no longer serves us. We realize that we are at the end of one cycle and need to prepare for the beginning of the next. We began our descent deep within our own darkness to find the Shadow part of us that we will transform to release its energies toward what we want in our life.

In Autumn, we begin our slow and gradual movement inward to seek out those Shadows that reside deep within the Mystery of our self. We take stock and search for that which it is time to release.

In the Autumn Initiations we take account, reflect upon the deeds and ways of the past, and prepare for the newness coming to us. We must separate what works from what doesn’t work. Decide what we will bank on for the future and what we will discard.

Autumn is a liminal gateway from old to new, a Doorway and transitional place of endings and beginnings simultaneously. We seek balance, weigh what works and doesn’t, and apply wisdom to prepare us for the future. We travel in the darkness to meet our fears knowing that we can not be sustainable if our fears continue to rule us.

Autumn Initiations

       What do we need to clean up? What do we need to make it through?

Do we need to clear out some space so that we can store that which is most needed?

Do we need to finish outwardly focused projects and nurture and prepare ourselves for the inwardly draw of winter?

We are called to look to how it is we are going to “make it through” to the new beginning.

Are we sustainable? Can we make it for the long haul?

 For your Autumn Initiations you may:

  • Take a Day Walk – Walk alone from dawn to dusk in the natural world. Take your intention with you and allow it to guide your steps forming an intuitive path. Walk in an attractive place that calls to you. This is not a test of danger and reckless feats. Dream, nap, sleep, question. Let the earth open you and sensitize all of your natural senses. Talk to the wind. At dusk your journey is over and it is time to return to the Council of Elders and weave your story.
  • Spend a day or two to Dream Your Life – Go alone to a natural place and dream. Stay there for 24-48 hours by yourself. Stay in the Dream for 24-48 hours. Give yourself over to the elements of your dreams that have come to help you understand your journey.
  • Design and perform a Quality of Life Ritual that supports you in looking squarely at your self and see what works for you and what does not.
  • Or other personal Rites and Rituals appropriate for your personal journey.

Autumn Prayer

Be patient.

Allow your energy to move inward and downward.

Concentrate your attention.

Focus your power.

Be orderly and efficient.

Be faithful to your direction and intention.

Match your pace and rhythm to that of Nature at this time.

Long, slow, steady, concentrated.


Be at peace.

It’s not about power it’s about grace.

Know your self.

Loosen your grip and work within the rhythm.

Let things take care of themselves.

Do what is before you to do.

Do what it is at hand.

–MaryAnn Copson


In the Autumn Initiations you take account of the past and release that which no longer serves.

How to take your Autumn Initiations

Each of the Seasonal Initiation is set up as a 3 month process. One month is spent in Preparation and Severance, one month in The Threshold Experience of the rite, and one month in Incorporation.

As your Seasonal Initiation midwife, I will act as your guide, guardian, and gatekeeper as you embark on your own personal journey through the Seasonal Initiations.

Four Shields Seasonal Initiation sessions by phone and email or in person at the Earth Path School.We meet in two one hour sessions each month for three months – either long distance and I will be available to you throughout the process by email as you design and travel through your initiation.

I will guide you through the unfolding of the Seasonal Initiations, anchoring you in traditional preparations, severance, threshold and incorporation rituals and practices.

If you are undertaking your Seasonal Initiations outside you will choose a safe, natural place to be.

The Seasonal Rites of Passages are contemporized versions of traditional rites of passage and are designed to be accessible in today’s modern world and they can be undertaken in any order.

The Autumn Initiations can begin in September or October and continue through October, November and December.

Tuition – Fee for each 3 month Seasonal Initiation Journey is $645. Payable in one or two payments.

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