Summer Initiations celebrate your stengths and emerging aspects that will sustain you in journeys to come.Honor Your Magic

Fire is the energy that characterizes the summer. Fire energy gives light and warmth. It generates vitality, enthusiasm, and energy. The dominant energy of summer is creativity, intuition, and motion-action that carries out new ideas, new ventures, and change.

Summer is a time of giving energy, taking action and making outward growth, all moving within heat and dryness. The summer is the season of growth, maturation, abundance, and fullness. It is the high point of growing, exercise, being out in nature, recreation, and taking in sunlight. Movement reaches its peak. Movement is essential for all manifestation, growth, and maturation. The peaking of nourishing growth during this season correlates with increased motion in energy.

Summer celebrates the bounty of the Harvest that sustains the communities through the dark of winter. After the long work of preparing the ground, planting, caring for the plants, watching them emerge and taking care of the produce – it is now time to enjoy the manifesting bounty of all that labor.

Summer is a time of thanksgiving, communal sporting events that strengthen community bonds, marriages take place, and alliances and contracts are made. But as Summer ebbs into Autumn, these celebrations also mark the beginning of the hard work needed to harvest the bounty and put it the forms that would be useful over the long haul.

We are bringing our work full circle as we gather the fruits of our labor and move them into providing reserves for our continued journey. It is a time of acknowledgement, validation, and celebration of our Inner Quest which has brought us to this culmination and place of abundance.

We now have at our disposal the manifestations of our Inner Questing- we have brought the light to our inner workings and revealed our self. We have unveiled the radiance of our soul’s essence and have come to know our own workings. Through our inner work we have come to know our true nature more intimately and this wisdom gains us familiarity with our soul.

This familiarity with our soul gifts us with new strengths, insights, and understanding of who we are in our manifestation in the external world. We have crossed the bridge from inner terrain to outer recognition and brought the heart of our soul into the world.

Our sprouted seeds have taken the journey of coming into the fullness of their embedded potential. It is here – in Summer – that the emerging aspects settle in and find their home with us and grow to full harvest sustaining us in our journeys to come. Now that we have brought to fruition our inward hopes and dreams our task is to learn how to grow them to their fullest potential and to care for them in a way that gives them sustainability.

We now will pass out of the Light Half of the Year and enter – even in the light – the Dark Half of the Year. We now stand ready to pick up the mantle of our strengths and wear our Mantle of Sovereignty to be our true self in both the Light and Darkness of the world.

For the Conscious Journeyer, the Summer Initiations are undertaken to show that you have gained the strengths to use your Clarity of Seeing as a tool of Inner Sight to be aware of the Greater Pattern. Your task now is to fully reclaim and be the magic you have unfolded in yourself. You are now positioned to grow and cultivate your own fullness.

At the culmination of your Summer Initiations, you stand at the turning of the Wheel with a storehouse of reserves. These reserves will steady you as you move again step by step into the Darkness, now fully supported to release your focus on your woundings and take the plunge into growing your self in service to your work in the world.

Through your Summer Initiations you gain the ability to rule, to understand and see clearly, and to serve compassionately.

Summer Initiations

       Recognize and celebrate our Inner Self that we have brought forward.

We bring hopes and dreams to their fullest potential.

We Harvest the fruits of the long journey from Dark to Light and back to Dark again.

We cultivating our Graces, Strengths, and Gifts and gather our reserves to sustain us through our next turn of the Wheel.

We acknowledge our Sovereign self.

For your Summer Initiations you may:

  • Set up a Woman’s Altar to honor this newly resolved self.
  • Create an Inner Council of Advisors and Mentors to support you in stepping fully into your Sovereign Self
  • Give a party and a celebration to honor your Sovereign Self.
  • Or other personal Rites and Rituals appropriate for your personal journey.

Summer Prayer

Glory of the Day-Star, hail!

Lifter of the Light, Burnisher of the Sky.

Gifts of love to earth are bringing,

Summer’s shimmer, dew’s delight.


Dancing be the heart within us,

Open be our souls to bliss,

Courage vanquish every shadow,

Greet Midsummer with a kiss.

–Caitlín Matthews, Greeting to the Summer Solstice from Celtic Devotional – Daily Prayers and Blessings


Summer Initiations bring hopes and dreams to their fullest potential.

How to take your Summer Initiations

Each of the Seasonal Initiation Journeys is set up as a 3 month process. One month is spent in Preparation and Severance, one month in The Threshold Experience of the rite, and one month in Incorporation.

As your Seasonal Initiation midwife, I will act as your guide, guardian, and gatekeeper as you embark on your own personal journey through the Seasonal Initiations.

Four Shields Seasonal Initiation sessions by phone and email or in person at the Earth Path School.We meet in two one hour sessions each month for three months – either long distance by phone and I will be available to you throughout the process by email as you design and travel through your initiation.

I will guide you through the unfolding of the Seasonal Initiations, anchoring you in traditional preparations, severance, threshold and incorporation rituals and practices.

If you are undertaking your Seasonal Initiations outside you will choose a safe, natural place to be.

The Seasonal Initiations are contemporized versions of traditional rites of passage and are designed to be accessible in today’s modern world and they can be undertaken in any order.

The Summer Initiations can begin in June or July and continue through July, August and September.

Tuition – Fee for each 3 month Seasonal Initiation Journey is $645. Payable in one or two payments.

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Or you may contact me by email for questions, to make your payment, and schedule your sessions.

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