18bb293128479f85bc154dca0f8a6284Annym Billagh is an ancient system of healing, originating from an ancestral path with roots in the British Isles, specifically, the Isle of Man.  It is possible that something similar was used by the Druids, in particular the Bandrui – women who served the people as seers, healers, and wise women.

Certainly, the techniques of drawing on the energy of the Earth, Sky and Sea is as ancient as we are as a people.  It is based on the knowledge that we are all One, living in a world supported by the Earth at our feet, the Sea from which all life comes, and the Sky, source of our breath, inspired by the Fire of Inspiration, blessed by all that is Divine.

Annym means ‘inspiration’, ‘muse’, ‘genius’, or ‘poetic frenzy’, ‘a fluid, a flowing’, and ‘a living principle, a being, a spirit, essential.’  Billagh is a tree or a woody grove of trees.

The Annym I sing,
From the deep I bring it,
A river while it flows,
I know its extent;
I know when it disappears;
I know when it fills;
I know when it overflows;
I know when it shrinks;
I know what base
There is beneath the sea.
–Taliesin, Ancient Bard


Annym, the ‘flowing spirit’, is a river, drawn from the sea by the poet’s singing. The ‘sea’ could be a reference to the all-encompassing spirit that surrounds us, the ‘river’ being that portion which we may draw into ourselves or which resides within as our spiritual essence.  Annym is ours by drinking from the Cauldron of the Goddess.

The word Annym brings us back to ancient groves of trees with moonlight streaming through them and those ancient beings – Druid and Bandrui – with their blessed connection to Earth, Sea, and Sky.

Every object in the physical realm holds this spirit or Annym.  Every tree, bird, animal, reptile, fish, every blade of grass and every other thing we know or can dream of holds within its own Annym, all part of the greater whole.  Annym is not born, and never dies.

We connect to the Annym of the Earth by drawing her power through us as and becoming “agents” of her healing.  We connect to the Annym of our kindred, the trees, seeking their specific healing energies generously shared with us.  Annym spiritually awakens and restores balance for those who are depleted or out of balance or in a state of dis-ease, blocked or hindered in their ability to achieve wholeness, happiness, and joy in all aspects of their lives.  Annym awakens, invigorates, and inspires.

Annym Billagh consists of inner work, breathing and meditation, hands on energy healing, internal use and topical application of the essences of the trees, Ogham healing symbols, and working with our kindred for integrating wholeness and well-being in our lives.

Annym Billagh Shamanic Journey

Ancient Healing with Trees sessions consist of an energy alignment within the internal energy centers of the body, using guided imagery, the energy from Earth, Sea, and Sky, and the placement of specific bluetreeOgham Tree symbols within those energy centers as needed for proper alignment. A specially prepared tree essence may also be recommended for use on meridian points to assist in the spiritual healing.

These sessions take about 2 hours – sometimes a little less and sometimes a bit more. It is best for you to give yourself a couple of hours of open time after the session as this will help in your integration of the work done.

The Annym Billagh – Ancient Healing with Trees Shamanic Journey sessions are available long distance by phone and take about 2 hours – sometimes a little less and sometimes a bit more. It is best for you to give yourself open time after the session as this will help in your integration of your work done.

Fee- Session fee is $215 which includes the session work plus two weeks email follow up to assist you in integrating the work.

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Or you may contact me by email for questions, to make your payment, and schedule your sessions.

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Annym Billagh

Sessions by phone and email or in person at the Earth Path School.By making your payment you are committing to a Annym Billagh – Ancient Healing with Trees Shamanic Journey with MaryAnn Copson. Once your payment has been received within a few days you will be contacted by email to schedule your session.

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Annym Billagh Training

creepy forestAnnym Billagh differs from other healing systems such as Reiki (a Japanese energy healing transmitted from Master to student) in several ways.  One, is that it can be done without the need for another to facilitate – and two, there is only one level, but certainly there are degrees of skill and experience. Though it is a much more significant moment if the alignment can be done by a practitioner for you. It is a lovely experience and much nicer than doing it alone. When having someone share it with you is not possible, you are able to do it yourself rather than not have it at all.

It is advisable that one who first learns this method, first practice on their own energy body.  Eventually as you become familiar and more sure of yourself, and more knowledgeable about the trees, please feel free to share with others.

What is most important is that one be fully attuned to trees and come to know and feel their vibrations. In that way you truly will understand the consciousness of their healing energy.

If you would like to receive a long distance energetic activation of the Annym Billagh Healing System you can contact me and we can arrange the transmission.

Deanne Quarrie is the lineage holder for Annym Billagh and author of Annym Billagh – Healing with the Tree Ogham, From the Branch – The Ogham for Spiritual Growth, and Dancing with Goddess. She is an ordained Priestess of The Goddess, dedicated in service to women’s spiritual empowerment.

Deanne is a Reiki Master, Flower Essence Practitioner, and Gemstone Healer. She is trained as well in Chakra Balancing, Interdimensional Gridwork, and Polarity Therapy.

Deanne is the founder The Apple Branch – A Dianic Tradition, and Global Goddess, a worldwide organization open to all women who honor The Divine Feminine. She also teaches at Ocean Seminary College.