A Vision Quest is to meet and consciously integrate your own mysteries and awareness in a natural setting, hence the iconic "Journey to the Sacred Mountain".What is a Vision Quest?

Bringing forth your vision into the world.

A Vision Quest is a Rite of Passage traditional in many cultures that is undertaken when one leaves an old phase of life and passes into a new phase of life. A Vision Quest is the ancient ritual for bringing forth your vision into the world.

A Vision Quest is a Journey undertaken to meet and consciously integrate your own mysteries and awareness. It is your personal encounter with your fears, weaknesses and uncertainties. Through this encounter you reveal to yourself your purpose, wisdom and light.

This is an eclectic contemporized version of a Vision Quest Rite of Passage. it is a months long Journey.  You will be assisted in preparing, planning, and carrying out a Sacred Earth Path Medicine Vision Quest.

You will be guided through all phases of a Vision Quest and prepared to take your own “adventure of the hero” and to call for your vision. You will be guided in identifying your quest, picking your place of questing, the preparatory work before the quest and integrating your insights from the experience of the Vision Quest.

A Vision Quest is a ritualized, structured process that one consciously engages in to end one life phase and step into a new life status. Rites of passage are incorporated in community life as a vehicle for making meaningful and important life’s transitions. They are used to mark such events as the onset of puberty, menarche, marriage, divorce and mid-life.

Rites of Passage are a means that the community uses to officially recognize the leaving behind of an old phase of life and the embarking on a new role and function in the community. You do not undertake a Vision Quest to solve a problem or to get something fixed in your life. You undertake a Vision Quest to honor your transition and to give meaning to your life changes.

A Vision Quest Is Your Own Journey












A Vision Quest is an internal experience reflected in your external quest that mirrors your process of finding and accepting the meaning in your life changes. It is part of your declaration to your self and community that you choose to become a vital force in your community in your new life status. It is a means of anchoring your own experience of yourself as effective, responsible, resilient, courageous and enduring. It is your vehicle for setting in motion your own processes for self-renewal and healing.

At some point in your healing journey you will most likely find that in order to be truly healthy you “must go off in search of the one life you can call your own” – the place where “our deepest gladness and the world’s hunger meets”.

There will be times in your healing and in your process of emerging as your true self when you will feel that it is necessary to take an intuitive, symbolic healing path. A Vision Quest is a time honored Rite of Passage that is designed to reconnect you with the soul of yourself.

There are many initiations you will be asked to undergo as you pass through the different stages of your life. By traveling deep within yourself, you will connect with your call to embark upon your next initiation. Each initiation offers you the opportunity to grow in grace, wisdom and courage. Each gateway to the depths of yourself requires focused, guided, hard personal work in order to move to the threshold of change.

What Does a Sacred Earth Medicine Vision Quest Look Like?

 All robust Rites of Passage are divided into Three Phases:

  • Preparation and Severance Phase
  • Threshold Phase
  • Incorporation Phase


Preparation and Severance Phase

2f87eb88-40e2-4b7f-b03e-a4c4c865e508This phase is the first seven months of your Vision Quest Journey. In this phase you design and engage in personal rituals and routines that will complete this portion of your life and get you ready for stepping into the next phase of your life.

A Sacred Medicine Vision Quest is undertaken with an experienced Vision Quest Midwife. One who walks along side of you taking you through the steps of preparation and severance; safeguarding the process and watching over you to see that you are adequately prepared. As your Vision Quest Midwife, I oversee your Preparation and Severance phase and make sure that you prepare yourself well for the coming Threshold Experience.

We meet in two sessions a month to dive deeply into this critically important Preparation and Severance Phase. It is here that you finely and wisely articulate the purpose of your Vision Quest Sacred Journey.

In addition to your personal rituals and routines, you will engage in two structured Preparation and Severance rituals. These structured ceremonies/rituals have specific parameters to be followed which allow for the most significant interaction between yourself and the forces that be.

Death Lodge – The first Preparation and Severance ceremony is called a Death Lodge. This is a symbolic completion and saying good bye ceremony that occurs sometime in the fourth or fifth month. For this ceremony you will say your good-byes to everything in your life up to this point – those thing which you wish to leave behind and those things which you wish to take with your in the next phase of your life. You can say good-bye either literally or figuratively. This ceremony usually takes place outside in some safe place and lasts one hour to several hours. Some may engage in this practice several times over a period of weeks. Before you enter your Death Lodge Ceremony I must ensure that you are as well prepared as possible and give you the OK to proceed. We’ll have a de-briefing session within a day or two after the Death Lodge.

 Medicine Walk- The second Preparation and Severance ceremony is the Medicine Walk. This walk occurs in the sixth month of your Vision Quest Journey, about one month before your Threshold Experience. The walk takes place from sunrise to sunset in a safe place outside in nature. You take food and drink with you for the day and take an unstructured walk being mindful of symbolic messages and guidance. We’ll work together to plan and prepare you for this Medicine Walk. Once again, before you undertake your Medicine Walk, I must give you the OK to ensure that you are well prepared. We’ll have a debriefing session within a day or two after the Medicine Walk.

During the 7 month Preparation and Severance phase, we work together to prepare you for each of these rituals and ceremonies. You design your personal rituals and regime that you will be undertaking during each of these ceremonies. We work together as you choose the place in which you will do each of these ceremonies and help you set up a buddy safety system based on a set of criteria we’ll review. Normally, you don’t need to travel too far from your home to do these ceremonies but of course you can if you wish to.

Yep. That's me. In the high desert of California, circa 1990. This is a contemporized Vision Quest. No need to be rugged or heroic and not necessarily the "way of the warrior".Threshold Phase

In the 7th month you will undertake your Threshold Experience. This is what many people think of as the Vision Quest proper.

The Threshold Experience is at least 24 full hours and up to 72 hours or more, wherein you are alone in a safe natural area. You may chose to camp outside or go to a place where you will have shelter (such as a cabin, hotel, Inn, friend’s house) which acts as your base camp. During your Threshold Experience, you are alone in nature and will carry out the activities, rituals and ceremonies that you have prepared for this time.

At some point in your Threshold Experience, you will begin your ritual of calling for your Vision. This usually lasts from sunset to sunrise. Some stay awake through the night and others choose to sleep. Fasting is not required.

Some take their Threshold Experience close to home and some chose to travel to areas away from their home to do their Threshold Experience.

During your Preparation and Severance phase, I will help you prepare for your Threshold Experience and give you equipment lists, and safety precautions, etc. Before you embark on your Threshold Experience I must give you the OK to ensure that you are as well prepared as possible. When you are ready to go call for your vision, I’ll leave you at the Threshold – at the door of your own descent, confrontation, and emergence as you take your mystery journey to yourself. We’ll have a de-briefing session within a day or two of your return from the Threshold.

Incorporation Phase

Following your Threshold Experience and for the two months after is the Incorporation Phase of your Vision Quest in which you will integrate your Sacred Journey.

When you return from the Threshold, I’ll meet you again and take you through the critical process of debriefing and Incorporation. In calling for your vision, you will have met yourself in your new life status and as you return to your community you take on a new role in that community. Not only do you step back into your community in a new role but also you return with the powerful and beneficial gift of your vision.

What did you see on your Vision Quest and what is the story you have to tell?It is during this time that you articulate the vision that you received and how you will bring it into your daily life. This is actually the most important phase of your Vision Quest. Many people have visions but few bring their visions into the world. During this time, we’ll work together in our sessions to help you re-incorporate into daily life.

In the Incorporation phase, I support and anchor you in understanding your journey, bringing your vision home, and beginning your new relationship with it. I will assist as you integrate your quest experience, articulate your new role in the community, gain understanding of your new self, and incorporate your vision into the world so that “your people may live” a new life.

At the end of this 9th month, our work together with your Vision Quest officially comes to a close. For you, the Vision Quest energy and experience will continue for another year. On the anniversary of your Threshold Experience you will revisit your power place of your Threshold Experience (either literally or figuratively) and officially close your Vision Quest.

Stepping Out On Your Own

In a Sacred Earth Path Medicine Vision Quest for Women you will be given a structure sufficient to maintain the robustness of the Rite of Passage but which also allows flexibility for your personal preferences to be honored and for your personal journey to take place.

Even though you are working with a Vision Quest Midwife, a Sacred Medicine Vision Quest is a process that you do by yourself under your own power and guidance. As you step out of your Purpose Circle and begin your “adventure of the hero” you leave behind your old corporal body and venture into the wilderness with your spirit body leading the way. Along the way, you will begin to see with new eyes. As you travel through the interface between nature and human you may be “blinded” by the extraordinary, gifted with visitations and presences, asked to accept your own personal medicine or tricked by the ordinary.

Giving Your Consent   spiritual-art-painting-devotion-686x1024.jpg.pagespeed.ce.zgXDAXtcto

When you feel ready to answer the call that you have been hearing, I urge you to go ahead – trust those feelings – and step into your journey.

This contemporized Sacred Earth Path Medicine Vision Quest for Women allows for a great deal of individualization and personalization. You can bring your own traditions, culture and experiences to play throughout the Sacred Journey.

If you feel that this Sacred Medicine Vision Quest is right for you or just have questions about a Vision Quest please contact me to talk about what is happening for you.

How will you know you are being called to a Vision Quest Sacred Journey?

Even as your heart quickens at the opportunity to embark on your own Sacred Medicine Vision Quest, your head may immediately give you the reasons why it can not happen, I challenge you to continue taking a leap of faith with each step in your Vision Quest. A Vision Quest is not a rational, understandable journey. It is a Sacred Journey of your heart and soul. Only by listening to your heart and centering in your soul can you be brave and courageous enough to take the journey. Allow your heart to lead the way and your soul to guide each step, even though, you can not see the next step.



For your Vision Quest, I will guide you through the unfolding of the initiations, anchoring you in traditional preparations, severance, threshold and incorporation rituals and practices.

Joseph Campbell notes four experiential qualities that define the call:

The call feels like a compelling need not an escape from responsibilities. You have a sense that something is there for you to find and that the truth of your life depends on finding it.

It is a strange process but somehow it feels “profoundly familiar”. You recognize it as yours even though you don’t know anything about it and couldn’t explain it if you did.

You “know” that one part of your life is over with.

You didn’t expect it and you don’t want it but you know that you are being pulled into it by some unseen dynamic.

If this is the time for you to take your Sacred Earth Path Medicine Vision Quest for Women and this is the place to do it in, I welcome you into the adventure of your Sacred Journey. I invite you to set up a time to talk about the gateway you are entering and to begin your journey.

How to take your Vision Quest

The Sacred Earth Path Medicine Vision Quest for Women is a contemporized version of the traditional Rite of Passage and is designed to be accessible to you in today’s modern world.

As your Vision Quest midwife, I will act as your guide, guardian, and gatekeeper as you embark on your own personal journey through the Vision Quest Rite of Passage.

Vision Quest sessions by phone and email or in person at the Earth Path School.We meet in two one hour sessions each month for three months – by phone and I will be available to you throughout the process by email as you design and travel through your initiations.

I will guide you through the unfolding of the initiations, anchoring you in traditional preparations, severance, threshold and incorporation rituals and practices.

The first seven months are your Preparation and Severance Phase. The seventh month is your Threshold experience. The eight and ninth months are your Incorporation Phase.

You will choose a safe, natural place to take your Threshold Experience and together we will provide you with the guidance and foundation to make your Sacred Journey safe and a mystery initiatory journey.

Tuition – Full tuition is $1935.  A non-refundable deposit of $325 is due at registration. The remainder of your payment is due before your Sacred Earth Path Medicine Vision Quest begins.

Monthly Payment Option – Six Automatic Monthly Payments of $350 due over the first six months of your Vision Quest Journey. Your first non-refundable payment is due at registration and then regular monthly payments begin for the next 5 months.

Registration – To get started, read the Terms of Service and then click a registration button to pay securely with your credit card or Pay Pal.

Or you may contact me for questions and to make your payment and schedule your sessions.



One Woman’s Experience:

Woman As Healer
The Vision Quest delivered far more than it promised. ...My living environment has changed, my diet, my relationships, my exercise routine, my body, my worship style, my self-image, the way I view my past and the image that is now unfolding for my future has changed - all for the better. But the thing that has changed most is my confidence in my ability to change anything I want to.

Perhaps the largest change has been my new willingness to abandon pre-existing systems (theological, educational, psychological, professional, medical, intellectual, even social etiquette) that in the past, I’ve tried to squeeze my understanding of reality into. One of the fears I had of engaging in a program like this was that my view of reality would be turned upside down. And at some points, that’s what it felt like. But now I see that it was everyone else’s view of my life that got tossed, and my view that had been hiding there all along, came to the forefront.

I have a new code of ethics now, and a different internal map with its own compass, and their roots run very deep - into my past, into my body, into the earth. This new compass is not unfamiliar to me. For a long time, I’ve had glimpses of the truth that it points to. The difference is that now, the fleeting glimpses have developed into larger, more stable visions. And these are visions that I truly trust, and will follow with more fierceness than I’ve ever followed a system that was set up by someone else.


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The hero’s journey always begins with the call. One way or another, a guide must come to say, ‘Look, you’re in Sleepy Land. Wake. Come on a trip. There is a whole aspect of your consciousness, your being, that’s not been touched. So you’re at home here? Well, there’s not enough of you there.’ And so it starts.― Joseph Campbell