Divine Feminine Shamanic Journey Work


Women’s Shamanic Journey Work

Women’s Shamanic Journey work differs in some key ways from many male oriented Shamanic traditions. One is not necessarily better than the other – they are simply different. In the Woman’s Altar Journey work the Woman Shaman Priestess acts more as a midwife then as a proxy traveling the dimensions for you.

In the Women’s Shamanic Journey work you are watched over and guided through your multidimensional travels as you are birthing your self in remembering your inherent natural multisensory connections to all of the Web of Life.

The focus is on providing you with an energetic spirit healing entrainment field that supports and draws you toward your true self – your original and whole self. The Journey Sessions focus intense and powerful energy and act like a tuning fork drawing you toward your own wholeness and balance and reconnecting you to your natural multi-dimensional nature.

This Shamanic Work takes you on the Journey of remembering your self as you regain your conscious awareness of your Soul’s messages to you and lands you again in your true guidance – your Heart’s desires and reawakened dreams.

At its heart, this Women’s Shamanic Journey Work is about you taking the journey into deep healing for yourself. These Shamanic Journeys have power, healing, guidance and ancient and leading edge secrets that it is time for you to access– are you ready to receive these transmissions?

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The place of true healing is a fierce place. It’s a giant place. it’s a place of monstrous beauty and endless dark and glimmering light.

Cheryl Strayed


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