Bringing the sacred and the energetic into your life is a sign of the times. The whole mystery field of shamanism, especially women remembering and reclaiming their heritage and lineage as Women Shaman Priestess, is awakening people’s attention.

Some women may take this call up by traveling a rigorous and deep Initiatory Journey leading to their Initiation as a Woman Shaman Priestess.  Other women may choose to infuse their daily lives with more of these sacred energies even though they do not feel called to be embrace initiation as a Woman Shaman Priestess.

Sacred Energies and Your Physical Body

Either way when you begin to embrace the sacred energies into your life it is important to realize that these energies must be run through your physical body.

Now it is not all that hard to develop the capacity to let plenty of energy run through your body.

However, the key goal is not how much energy you can run through your body rather it is the development and creation of a mind body system that is strong enough and developed and evolved enough to use this current of energy without being damaged by it.

The energetic system in the human body is a little like an electrical system where you can run a lot of current through the system but if the system is not “up to code” you will likely blow the system out. Same with your body.

Before energy is sent through specific currents in the body the body’s capacity to withstand the particular currents and the increased current must be developed.

The greater the amount of power to be put through the system the better one’s physical foundation must be.

All along the way of learning to embrace sacred and energetic work, but especially in the beginning, most of the work needs to be aimed at developing the solid foundation in your body systems needed to ensure that your system is not damaged by adding too much energy too quickly and/or by adding inappropriate energy for your body system at the time.

Taking good care of your body and having a strong physical wellness is what provides the safety measures for your energetic expansion. Part of your Sacred Energetic work needs to be focused on frequently visiting the “Houses of Healing” to check in on and upgrade your physical wellness.

Stripped To the Bone = Down To the Core Essentials


In the study of Shamanic traditions, a common initiatory rite was the rite of being “stripped to the bone”. I know that in my own Initiatory path being “stripped to the bone” was a rite I often encountered. 

This initiation involves various ways and means of bringing the initiate to a place within themselves that is beyond their thoughts, beliefs, process, etc. where they rest instead in the core essential part of themselves.

How does this Shamanic rite of “stripping to the bone” relate to what we now know about the underlying physiological components of the bone?

The skeleton is that which gives the body form. Without the skeleton we would be just one big blob. All the rest of our body hangs in layers upon the skeleton. If the skeleton is mis-aligned or mis-shapened then the muscles, nerves, organs, and systems of the body are out of place. When these physical placements in the body are not placed in a harmonious whole then this can produce suffering in the body either through pain or through the reduced functioning of the physical body.

Your Bones and Your Energetic Journey

In this sense the skeleton has a lot to say about one’s journey through life.  The alignment and placement of the skeleton (which should hang freely and flexibly enabling unrestricted movement) builds a foundation for one’s life journey.

Besides being just a bony structure the skeleton is also thought to be an endocrine organ that controls our energy metabolism through the regulation of sugar homeostasis. Osteocalcin secreted by osteoblasts (bone forming cells) stimulates insulin secretion and improves insulin sensitivity.

Bones are made up of water, minerals (the chemical elements required for life), and the cellular matrix that binds them together. Bones produce red blood cells for the circulation. The strength of bones comes from collagen which is a fibrous protein (which also makes up the connective tissue).

A Light Producing Crystalline Structure

Collagen is a molecular liquid crystalline structure that creates, transmits, and receives biophotons to facilitate communication between tissues and molecules. The collagen molecules are semiconductors that transmits electricity and information. Collagen is a conductive light matrix. Light travels through this collagen light matrix into the DNA which then produces bio-holograms that create the body. This collagen matrix can be thought of linking the biophoton (quantum or subtle) with the physical.

Thus we can see that our skeleton is our foundation providing the elements for life and the fibrous protein that forms the light matrix that creates the body and acts as the link between the subtle world and the physical.

Your Bones – the Link Between the Quantum and the Physical

Through the shamanic initiation of “contemplating one’s own skeleton” the shaman obtains the mystical faculty – Qaumaneq which are mythical beings or helping spirits – that is – mystical organs for the shaman. “…In all cases reduction to the skeleton indicates a passing beyond the profane human condition and, hence, a deliverance from it.”

“In the spiritual horizon of hunters and herdsmen bone represents the very source of life…” and we can see how this spiritual, mystical belief is mirrored in the actual physiological functions of the skeleton. Basically, when you contemplate your own skeleton you come to the very truth ..  that you are the link  between the quantum and the physical.

Woman As Shaman Wellness Care

9545058783_d701203a36_mYour bones become the link between the sacred energies and your body. Taking good physical care of your bones so that they are capable of fulfilling the fullness of their physical and sacred energetic functions supports you making your body capable of holding more advanced energetic levels.

To help you step into Woman Shaman Wellness Care, over the next couple of weeks,  I will be posting some guidelines for taking good care of your bones.  Take good care of your bones and your bones can fulfill their function of assisting you in your journey of bringing the sacred energies into your life.

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