If you have seen my Facebook page recently then you have seen that things have taken a turn on Facebook for me. You will see links to timely information, petitions for various causes, and as some might say – a slightly activist tone to the page instead of just the regular contemplative posts.

Why the shift?

I feel that there are so many crazy things going on in the world that it is time I begin to exercise my Right of Refusal and say “You know this isn’t really acceptable”.

It is time for me to spotlight what I do stand for.

I don’t listen to the News or read most mainstream journalism. The News shows and most newspapers and magazines these days are considered some kind of entertainment and need sensationalism to gather viewers. For me all of this is too crass and harsh- and you don’t really get that investigative journalism that might undercover the wholeness of the story.

I try to stay out of politics and respect others’ political views but I want to be a voice that participates in the “by the people for the people”  part of the government. So I want to highlight what I stand for and I want the government to know what I stand for. After all the government is suppose to actually be the people.

There are so many heart rendering situations that happen – are inflicted upon – people, animals, and the land around the world. Animals are abused, killed, mutilated – cast aside as if they were nothing. People are unjustly imprisoned, tortured, left without medical care, food, housing and education. The Land is raped and destroyed.  So I sign – and share- a lot of petitions. And save some animals. And some people. And protect some Land. And I hope this help speak for the kind of shift in consciousness that is beginning to awaken throughout the world.

When I was younger I was an active activist. I marched in Washington many times protesting against the Vietnam war and other policies. When I was just a bit older I actively campaigned for the right to have a home birth- organizing rallies and speaking on TV, the radio, and before the NJ State Legislature.

That is not my path any more but it is my path now -and for each of us – to find our way to be able to peacefully and thoughtfully demonstrate our right of refusal and spotlight what we stand for. Not everyone has to agree but some will and will appreciate the opportunity to lend their support.

week3Peace happens one step at a time. One action at a time. One conscious intention at a time. One signature at a time. The world consciousness is changing and it is OK for us to calmly raise our hand and shine the spotlight on what we are for.

The petitions and information I encounter show the depth of cruelty, injustice, and horror in the world. And I know that there is a thought form in the world that says that human beings are causing havoc in the world. Disconnected from Nature and mindlessly leading them selves and others towards destruction.

But from my experiences in this Life Journey,  I can tell you that there is an abundance of goodness and kindness in people. Along our way there are so many small kindnesses that give care and strength to others that can be passed on throughout the web of life.

Small every day kindnesses lighten the load and give hope and energy in our journeys. I once read on an email signature of one of my Sisters of Avalon – which read something like  “Be kind to everyone for everyone is carrying a heavy burden”. Every day kindness lightens this load. Every day raising your hand for Peace in some way brings it a step closer for all.

Taking this journey to calmly and with kindness show what I am for sharpens my vision of support for deep wholeness and wellness and well-being. The hope for Thriving for all.  The whole experience helps to ground me in who I am, what I stand for – for myself,  and what I want to do in and give to this world.

When you heal your self you heal the world. When you heal the world you heal your self. Find your path for kindness in the world.

“To work in the world lovingly means that we are defining what we will be for, rather than reacting to what we are  against.”
–Christina Baldwin

P.S. If you want to sign and share some of the petitions here – please do. They really do bring a shift and help animals and people stay alive, be reunited with their loved ones, and  be set free- and sometimes they help the Land, Sea, and Sky keep their sovereignty.

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