Except for very brief periods, I’ve worked steadily since I was 16 years old. First job was as a meat wrapper in the A & P grocery store which was over the railroad tracks from my house on Railroad Ave. Tells you a little bit about that house.

In early April I turned 67 years old. 51 years of working. After the A & P grocery store stint I have been mostly self-employed except for a few years as a Pre-school teacher. During all those working years I never took more then a week or 10 days off at a time. For many years now I day dream about the imaginings I have about European paid vacations – a month or more at a time. How lovely would that be.

In December of last year, when I was putting my yearly calendar together, I made a bold decision. If I am ever going to experience what it would be like to have this “time off” it better start now. Or I might not ever get to it. So I gathered my courage and schedule 4 – three week Sabbaticals throughout this year. (Maybe next year I will do a whole month at a time. Can I be as brave as that? Think about it. Could you?)

Half way through my first 3 week time off – I made another bold discovery. What a bust it had been!!!

Nothing like my imaginings :-(. First I got sick – hardly ever get sick. I am still recovering throughout the whole 3 weeks.  Then I get a diagnosis of phlebitis in my left leg. Which didn’t really worry me – but is a heralding call for some serious lifestyle and internal changes.

But the biggest surprise is that I did not do one single thing on my list of “great things I really want to do”! Nothing. Mostly I  just roamed around all day in some kind of daze. Some times I would hink about taking a nap but I didn’t. Before I know it each day slid into night and then the night would just slink off into nothingness. What’s up???

At first I was trying to fix the problem. Which was messy, exhausting, and just not “fixable”. Then I just surrendered and let myself  “be in the problem”. Whatever it is – just let it all be. Fully inhabiting the “problem”,  I feel little snippets of energies and things untangling themselves. So much pulled so tight that they could not be made to release – but at times there are various perturbations like the slow geological movements of earth that I began noticing.

I pulled the Hanged Man in the Sirian Starseed Tarot last night – suspension as a new spiritual consciousness unfolds. I felt a deep stillness in these geological perturbations. Not to be rushed, hurried, or pushed. Just let it be. Just be it.

I thought maybe I can transplant the Black Elder before the new goats eat it. But maybe not.  Meanwhile the goats decided to eat my Ginkgo tree and now that has to be transplanted too. Then my daughter decided to sell the goats and get sheep instead. Sheep only eat grasses and yummy plants – not so much with decimating trees.

There is a space where time slows down so much it appears that it is standing still. It is the space within which life is reorganizing. When things are about to happen and you have a choice in life. Change is coming. You can slip time dimensions. Vibrate at a different frequency. Move into another realm. Take a different time line. Become invisible then visible again – but not the same. Implicit and explicit orders. Many worlds enfolded and nested one within another. And we have a choice. Sometimes we have to slow down enough to recognize that.

Now I am back in my regular routine again – which is very pleasant. Everything is the same as when I left it. But I think I’m in another realm :-). We will see what the other “sabbatical/vacations” bring.

“Woman is remembering how to work her magic – even in the face of Darkness. When she turns to the Light within she can work miracles. Now is the time of our remembering. The Higher Mind within the Heart links us to the Infinite Wisdom of Creation. It is here that the we will know and remember who we are. It is here that we will act as One. It is here that we transcend the limits of space and time.”~ Shannon Port

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