Walking at the Pace of Nature is a moving meditation for when you are hunting for the soul of your Wortcunner Nature attraction.

As a Wortcunner working with the Plants you learn to be sensitive to the energy trackways that reach out to you as you move around in Nature. They are webs of energy that act as messengers of the deeper soul, spirit, and consciousness that move within every point of Nature. As you come into resonance with these energy webstreams you may find that they prompt floods of ancestral memory within you. 

To bring your self into resonance with the Pace of Nature, settle your self and begin slow and steady Breathing. Get a sense of your self. Get a sense of the Powers of the Place you are in. Be attentive to the wind, trees, the clouds in the sky, the speed and flow of any water nearby.

Be mindful and make a conscious intention to be attentive of your multiple streams of sensory perception and begin walking.

Keep to Nature’s pace and breathe consciously. Keep your eyes looking ahead and feel the energy webstreams as you move along. Squint your eyes to soft focus and as you do you will move into deeper conscious awareness and all of your multiple streams of sensory perception will open wide and you will sense, experience, and know things that you have never known before.

Continue for about 15-20 minutes and after a bit you will begin to notice a luminance to Earth – sort of like a layer of energy or mist enshrouding you and Earth.

There will be a deep silence under laying all sounds. This underlayment of silence will deepen the internal and external music of Earth. There will be a new depth of listening available to you with multiple layers of different voices moving back and forth communicating with all – and with you.

At some point you will notice that you are wrapped in the enchantment of your experience of the aliveness of the Web of Nature and your integral place in that web of which you are an integral point- gives rise again and again to new life over and over again.

Spirit into matter. Matter into Spirit.

Be attentive. Be peaceful. Leave your thoughts alone. Let Nature take you deeper.

When you feel ready, take a deep breathe and gather all of your sensory perceptions and consciousness to you.

  • Stretch out.
  •  Wiggle your fingers and your toes.
  • Open your eyes fully.
  • You can sit or lie on the ground for a bit until you feel totally present. 
  • Thank Nature for entrusting you with this experience.
  •  Take the time now to write down your experience. Writing down your experience of Walking at the Pace of Nature is what will ground and anchor you and this is what will allow you to go further and further into your Wortcunner Journey without losing your grip.
  • When complete and ready – move on through your day – changed in ways you may not yet know.

Begin your own Wortcunner Journey and learn more about unfolding your self as a “wise woman” and “seer” who can read the signs of nature and be taught directly by the Plants.