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Nourishing Herbal Infusions 

Nourishing herbs are used to provide a strong foundation of nourishment in the body. Nourishing herbs build the “stuff” of the body and normally are free of side effects. They can be used by most people safely for long periods of time and in large amounts. They are in fact used more like foods than for their medicinal qualities. Nourishing herbs provide high levels of proteins, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, carotenes, and essential fatty acids and are used as infusions. 

Nourishing Herb Herbal Infusion: are like very strong teas which extract the vitamins and minerals from the herbs. Infusions normally have a very strong taste – an acquired taste. So don’t give up drinking them if you don’t find them tasty right away.

To Make an Herbal Infusion

Place 1 cup of dry herb in a quart glass jar (it must be glass in order to get the highest mineral extraction). The jar needs to have a screw on cap. Boil water and pour into the glass jar to fill the jar. Put a cap on the jar (screw it on). Let it sit on the counter (infuse) for at least 6 hours – over night is better. 

Strain the herbs out and keep the liquid. This will give about 3-3 ½ cups of infusion. You can store the liquid in a glass pitcher or jar with a cover. Refrigerate. Infusions last 3-5 days refrigerated. Discard if the infusion has started to go bad. 

Drinking Your Infusions Destiny 1900

 Use one herb at a time and make one quart at a time.

 Start by drinking one cup a day. You can reheat it if you would like a warm drink. OK to add sweeteners. OK to mix with other liquids to make the infusion more tasty. 

When you have drunk the entire “quart” of infusion use a different herb, make a quart infusion, and drink that. You will rotate through the 4 herbs this way. 

After you get used to drinking the infusions feel free to make more than one kind of infusion at a time. That way you can drink a cup of nettles one day, then a cup of oatstraw the next day, etc. Just get a sense of how much you can drink before they go bad. 

Ordering your Nourishing Herbs Herbal Infusions   

You can start by purchasing ¼ pound of each of the herbs you want to try (to make sure you like the taste these particular herbs). Order the herbs in their “cut and sifted” or chopped or sliced form if possible. Eventually you will want to purchase a pound at a time. Store your dry herbs in a cool dark place.  

Use good quality organic dry herbs. You can purchase these organic bulk herbs in local health food stores, Whole Foods Market, or order through these mail order companies: 

Blessed Herbs at

(Feel free to ignore all their colon cleansing stuff.) 

Frontier Herbs –

My favorite -Mountain Rose Herbs –

Blessed Maine Herbs


Calcium Raising Herbal Infusion

Herbal infusions are a good source of calcium. In the mixture below each cup should yield approximately 125 mg of calcium. 

If you are new to Herbal Infusions you can start by drinking one of these herbs at a time gradually working up to drinking the Calcium Raising Infusion. If you are an old hand at drinking Herbal Infusions do it however you want 🙂

  • Nettles – a rich source of micronutrients that are vital for flexible bones; source of vitamin K which is crucial for calcium absorption
  • Red Clover – calcium rich herb
  • Raspberry – calcium rich herb
  • Oatstraw – a calcium rich herb which is magnesium rich; magnesium is needed for calcium absorption
  • Burdock – may assist in providing the bones with a rich and pure supply of blood in order to heal.

Other good herbs for bone health that are best taken by tinctures ( not tasty enough to drink )

Horsetail – may be a useful source of minerals, especially silica and calcium in a form that can be easily used by the body in the production and repair of bone and connective tissue. Helps restore bone density through synergistic mineral action: helps bones thicken and stabilize

Echinacea – may have an important healing effect on healing bone and connective tissue by inhibiting the enzyme hyaluronidase; may prevent the pathogenic destruction of connective tissue.

Dandelion – may assist in providing an acid environment for maximum digestibility of calcium. May increase hydrochloric acid production to increase absorption of calcium

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Read related post – Stripped to the Bone and Your Woman As Shaman Journey