The Wise Woman Wortcunner Path

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Your Magical Wortcunner Journey

Welcome to the Wise Woman Wortcunner Journey. The Wortcunner Online Herbal Course is a deep, joyous, yet mysterious adventure of immersing yourself in Nature, Plants, Herbs, and Healing. Along the way your own  multi-sensory, multi-dimensional nature will unfold and expand within your Plant Encounters. 

You will discover that even though this herbal course is online, it is nonetheless alive, lively, and interactive. You will be outside often interacting with the many forces of Nature – especially the Magical Green Beings. 

Enjoy the Free Sample Lessons

I have selected a few online sample lessons taken a bit out of context from different Monthly Wortcunner Journeys. As you read through each of the lessons,  if you feel that you missed something, you have – because each of these individual sample lessons is only a small part of the Wortcunner Journey you get every month.  There is so much more in each Monthly Wortcunner Journeys (plus the Welcome and Closing Ritual Journeys). But hopefully the Sample Lessons will give you a good sense of what it will be like to travel the Wortcunner Path. 

You may notice that there are no “required” herbal course assignments. Your work in the Wortcunner Journey is designed to awaken your attraction to work with Nature, the Plants, and Your Inner Wise Woman Wisdom. As you move through the spiral of discovery, evolution, and development your unfolding multi-sensory, multi-dimensional  conscious engagement will take you as deep as you are willing to go. 

I hope you enjoy these Free Samples Lessons. Of course, there are many more Wortcunner adventures waiting for you in the full Wise Woman Wortcunner Journey Online Herbal Course. This  training is a comprehensive Journey distilled from my 30+  years as a Wise Woman Wortcunner. My hope is to open the Wortcunner Path for you in an easily accessible and affordable form. 

Enjoy your Wortcunner Adventures and – if you want to go further – I invite you to
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Bendithion (Blessings) 

Da- Naho, Nyah-Weh, Swenio (It Has Been Said, Thank You, Great Mystery)

Discover the magic of the Wortcunner Online Herbal Course.

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forest elfSacred Land, Sacred Forest

Your Wise Woman Wortcunner Archetype

Earth Relationship Experiences – Singing, Humming, Chanting and Sounding With Nature

Guardian Plant Friend – Nature Being Safe Other


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