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As always, your personal formulas are made by Evenstar Herbs from wildcrafted and organically grown herbs of the highest quality. We live in a very rural area (great for our many herb gardens) and are lucky to still have a post office – although it is only open for a couple of hours a day now. And because your order will be individually formulated and packaged specifically for you and our volume is small, we ship only once a week or so. We don’t offer overnight or Express Shipping.

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When I founded Evenstar Herbs back in 1987, commercial herbal products were just peeking out from behind closed doors. There were no giant herb companies and grocery and drug stores did not have herbal products on the counter. Evenstar began as small family owned and family run business. We gathered all of our herbs by hand and made all of our herbal products patiently and precisely according to traditional ways. We still are a small family owed and run business. And we still do everything by hand. We are very much a traditional herbal company and make all of our herbal products in the traditional ways. We have recently downsized and closed the public mail order part of Evenstar Herbs, but we are still here to serve my health and wellness clients.

From our Virginia gardens, we gather many of our herbs and we formulate your herbal products by hand and package them individually when you order.  What we give you is special herbal medicine with the consciousness of the plants having been carefully tended to and consciously and lovingly preserved in the herbal products you receive.

Everything here moves at a slower (and maybe more natural) pace. Sometimes we are waiting on a new batch of tinctured herbs to mature or to reach the best time for processing. We follow the Pace of Nature. As much as possible we practice Wise Women Green Medicine: All our products use herbs that are certified organic, wildcrafted, or grown in our own gardens. None of our herbs are irradiated, fumigated or treated with insecticides or herbicides. All of our herbs are unadulterated – we do not substitute one species for a similar species. We prepare all of our products ourselves in small batches by hand using traditional medicine making processes and in accordance with the rhythms and cycles of the plant in its environment.

In addition to using dry herbs, we also use fresh plant material. The plant goes directly from vibrant aliveness into releasing that aliveness into the brewing process to bring you incredibly energized medicine. We work with the abundant common plants that thrive in our local natural habitat and practice traditional conscientious wildcrafting. This way, the health and vitality of the plants is respected and protected. We use high quality menstrums: 100 proof vodka and organic olive oil. Our tinctures and oils infuse for at least six weeks (instead of the commercial standard of two weeks). This allows for the extraction of a full range of constituents and provides power and potency to the medicines.

We work with the spirit of the plants. We believe that the power and potency of herbal medicine lies beyond simply its chemical constituents. The power of herbal medicine abides in the spirit of the plants. If you only ever used herbs according to their science you would surely get some benefit, but you would also miss out on the energized essence that lies at the heart of true Herbal Green Medicine.

Evenstar Herbs embodies a synthesis of wisdom gained over 30 years. With the shifting and expansion in health care paradigms, I am very much in favor a “both and” approach and advocate that herbal therapies be used together with both conventional and other alternative treatments. Herbs are best used as part of your interwoven web of healing – as such they can have great power and potency for you. If you are one of my Web of Healing clients, you rely on our personalized herbal remedies. If you haven’t yet tried Evenstar’s herbal products, don’t pass up this opportunity to get onboard.

As I ease into my role as an elder, I find that it is time for me to complete my current healing stage and move on in my evolution and development. Part of that completion is to pass on healing energy to others and to serve as a gateway for others to step into their own healing power. The herbs have deemed it appropriate that they act as the threshold guides for some who want to slip into that scared place for themselves. I hope that you will be one of those who hears and answers the call of the plants.

To take tinctures, place the dosage into a glass, add a small amount of water and drink. If the taste of the tincture is too strong you can mix with more water or try tea or juice (with milk is yucky – IMHO). Do not take full strength tinctures directly in your mouth – this may damage delicate mucous membranes.

Tonics are best tolerated taken at meal times but most people have no problem at anytime.


Traditionally, dosages for taking herbs are individual and change as the relationship between you and the herbs shift. The potency of herbs changes with the seasons, the weather, the soil, who tends the plants, the power of place where the herbs grow, and what is happening in and around the environment that the herbs call home.

You may also develop specific relationships with the herbs and sometimes you can obtain the greatest shift in your system with very small drop dosages and other times shifts require tablespoon size dosages. Your own individual dosages and responses to herbs will change depending on where you are on the health, wellness, and well being continuum, the aggressiveness of what you are experiencing, and how closely you are aligned with the natural rhythms of your body. In addition, recommended dosages can vary greatly depending on the Herbal Tradition that you relate to.

Some Herbal Traditions only recommend drop dosages and other Herbal Traditions only recommend tablespoon dosages. So it is hard (and frankly can be misleading) to give a standard “good for everyone” dosage for taking herbs. When I work directly with a client in an Herbal Healing Program, I understand that person’s wellness history and their energetic dynamic and can get a good sense of the proper dosages for their herbs.

That said, there are some useful general guidelines:

For adults 18 – 70+ years, Evenstar Herbal tinctures are formulated to be used mostly by dropper full dosages. The general dosages for Evenstar tonics are: 1/2 tsp to 1 tsp 1 – 3x a day. Taken at meal times. Some people have a full response to the tonic at the lowest dosage (1/2 tsp 1x a day) and some people do better at the highest dosage (1 tsp 3x a day). Half a teaspoon is approximately 3 droppers. However some sensitive bodies do better starting with 1 dropper or less (3-20 drops). So if you know your wellness history and if you have taken herbs and tonics before you will have a general idea of how well you tolerate herbs and you can begin at the dosage where you most usually start. If you are not sure about your response to the herbs, you should always start at the lowest dose and then gradually work up to the dose that seems to work best for you.

Children, teens, the elderly, those on medications, and pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult with a knowledgeable herbalist (that would be me) about which herbs and which dosages are appropriate for them.

Measurement Conversions:

5 droppers is approximately 1 teaspoon; 6 droppers is approximately 1 capful of our 4 oz. and 8 oz. bottles (3 droppers is approximately 1/2 capful and 2 droppers is approximately 1/3 capful); 1 dropper is approximately 1 millilitre; 40 drops is approximately 1 dropper; 1 drop is approximately 50 milligrams.

Our herbal oils are made from chemical free, organically grown or wildcrafted plants prepared at their peak of vibrancy. To ensure the most effective product, the herb contents have been extracted by a maceration process in Organic Olive Oil for six weeks or more. Added essential oils are of the absolute highest quality from third-party vendors.

The properties of herbal oils are absorbed through the skin – especially fatty tissue and muscle membrane. Infused oils can be used for body, hand and feet massage, relief of congestion and aches and pains, and healing of cuts, scrapes, wounds, sprains, strains and swellings.  You’ll find them to be soothing and effective. For external use only. Apply generously as needed. Store well in a cool dry place for up to 12 months. For longer storage, keep refrigerated.

Herbal Infusions and Teas are water-based herbal preparations. In an infusion, a large amount of herb is brewed for a long time in a proportionately small amount of water. In a tea, a small amount of herb is brewed for a short time in a proportionately large amount of water.

A water based preparation extracts more vitamins and minerals than alcohol based tinctures. Herbal Infusions are easy and fun to make, and I encourage you to make your own.  Use a one quart glass jar with a screw on cap. Put in the dry herb. Pour in boiling water to fill the jar. Put on the cap. Let sit (infuse) 4-6 hours. Take out the pack and save the liquid. Store liquid in a glass container in the refrigerator.

You can drink at least 1 cup of one of these herbs a day or more if you like. Infusions can be drunk hot or cold and can be reheated. You can drink them as they are or add sweeteners or other flavoring. After the infusions are made you can add them to juice or dilute them with more water.

Teas are prepared and consumed in the usual way. Take one small pack of dry herbs and place in a cup. Pour in boiling water. Cover and let steep about 10 minutes.

We have found that teas and infusions are to time consuming and expensive for us to prepackage and offer for sale, so we don’t offer these as end products anymore. We can mix a formula of dry herbs and sell you that in bulk, however. You’ll need to contact us for a price.