Be yourself; no base imitator of another, but your best self. There is something you can do better than another. Listen to the inward voice and bravely obey that. Do the things at which you are great, not what you were never made for.
–Ralph Waldo Emerson

Meet MaryAnn Copson

Hello, I’m MaryAnn Copson, – the Founder of Evenstar, Woman As Healer.

Being a lifetime healer of many persuasions – intuitive, teacher, nutritionist, shaman, mystic, herbalist, author, midwife, priestess, eco-therapist, life coach, clergy, mentor, consultant, energy healer, and pastoral counselor- I have partnered with thousands (literally) of women to help them become happier and healthier as they reconnect to who they really are and create the life they long for through an integral approach to life woven from many strands of ancient wisdom and leading edge awareness.

105_0623Living, teaching, and working aware of multiple dimensions occurring simultaneously – I have come to recognize that this is our natural state as human beings. We are multi-sensory, multi-dimensional beings living within the matrix of time and space held within the web of life.

My center of operations, The Evenstar Sacred Earth Path Seminary and Mystery School is located on our wooded property in rural Virginia and I maintain a lively online presence. You are invited to make an appointment with me and enjoy my programs, services, and products online and long distance from anywhere.

I offer journeys, adventures, programs, services and products to help you realize the magic inside yourself and to feel centered and grounded within your life, your self, and your health that you wish to design and manifest. These offerings provide safe, natural, and long-lasting transformational strategies, and solutions that improve the quality of your life, deliver results you want, and nourish and revitalize you and your longings that are seeking fulfilllment.

I live in Virginia with my husband of 50 years, David,  (who is an Artist, and the Chief Operating Officer of Evenstar). Our five grown children live close by with their spouses and partners, 12 grandchildren, and many dog, cats, chickens, birds, goats, pigs, and a plethora of plants, trees, flowers, and grasses.




My Philosophy and Approach

When I started my company, Evenstar, back in 1986, I was following a vision for creating a place of healing and consciousness shifting. Since then Evenstar has gone through many transformations. Throughout each of these transformations, I have been guided by my heart’s desire to continually merge multidimensional ancient wisdom with the frontiers of consciousness.

IMG_0350I have naturally lived my life through intuitive, mystical, and extra-sensory perceptions. Earlier in my life, I focused on developing my more rational measured self in order to balance my more natural intuitive self. But now, at this mature stage of life, that split has disappeared as I allow my intuitive, empathic, multidimensional self to come center stage and bring an open richness and depth to me, my life, and my work.

From the beginning, Evenstar has been about the multidimensional nature of healing and the journey to the realization of your True Self,  living with deep health, wellness, and well-being. As Evenstar grew and evolved and took on different forms, it became less and less about the journey from being sick to being not sick (not to say that is not important – as it certainly is),  and more and more about the leap from being just OK to Thriving, Flourishing and the Realization of our Longings.

It was always the ancient wisdom of things unseen that captured my attention. My focus for Evenstar has been to keep it grounded in the art of non-local ancient wisdom and intuition and marry it to the science of true medicine. When I refer to medicine, I am not talking just about conventional medical treatments. Native peoples often refer to medicine as something that gives power and completion to a person. Medicine is that which supports our Wholeness. And this is the definition that I bring to Evenstar.

Evenstar was created as an integrated, multi-layer, multi-facetted place of Creative Transformational Living – a place where you can Cultivate Thriving within many Houses of Healing as you bring your self to fruition as a Woman.  In my vision, true creative living engages with living, healing and coming again to know our self from a holographic, integrated, holistic, evolutionary perspective. Woman As Healer takes a multidimensional, multi-level approach to supporting the creative force of your body, mind, and spirit in being centered in the fulfillment of your expansion.

Disease, illness, unhappiness, and un-fulfillment are not really my focus, but rather building resilience and resonant coherence in the body, mind, and spirit.  We look to return and maintain these forces in their full functional capacity and move beyond that into thriving and flourishing – along the way disease, illness, unhappiness, and un-fulfillment transform and symptoms of disconnection are resolved.

IMG_0172Now as Evenstar reaches its maturity, it steps into the expansion of fostering the remembrance of the multidimensional capacity of human consciousness. It takes health, wellness and well-being and goes beyond that – reaching deep into the flow of awareness to connect with the journey of the magic of life. It offers woman a place and a way of unfolding your own creative force as women. 

And that journey can start no matter where you are.

Taking the Journey of a Woman As Healer is an art and a science.  It is a journey into the depths of yourself to retrieve that remembrance of who you really are. When you go to claim that remembrance you pass through the doors of the creative force within yourself.

When we work together, my intent is to hold open the invitation for you to remember and embrace the wholeness of who you really are. When you remember who you really are you will remember that you can bring about the life that you really want -the life that you long for. 

While you are in the process of remembering, we work with many beautiful and lively journeys and adventures that support that process of remembering and retrieving and act as bridges to go from separation to wholeness.

For me, the saddest experience is to see dreams die and wither away into hopelessness. And, the most beautiful experience is a woman’s claiming herself and her power to bring her dreams and desires from mere hopes and wishes to manifested reality.

Your dreams, desires, longings are your inspired gifts of your self that are yours to bring into the world and they are your pathway to bringing yourself to fruition – they are your ultimate healer and purpose in life. Your Dreams are your outward expression of your own creative force seeking expression and thriving in the world.

MaryAnn's officeYou are Magic and Can Live a Magical Life! 

MaryAnn Copson

About MaryAnn Copson

MaryAnn has an eclectic complex of training and experiences which enables her to offer a uniquely integral approach to living as the creative force in your life.

Since 2004 she has maintained a private practice as a Personal Life Coach receiving her coaching training as a graduate of CoachU’s three year Life Coaching Program. She also has completed the Simply Effective Coaching training and is a licensed trainer in the following Personal Life Coaching Programs:

  • Personal Freedoms Licensed Trainer
  • Extreme Self Care Licensed Trainer
  • Toleration Free Program Licensed Trainer
  • Personal Evolution Program Licensed Trainer
  • A Perfect Life Program Licensed Trainer
  • Personal Foundation Program Licensed Trainer
  • Attraction Program Licensed Trainer

In her current Personal Life Coaching Practice, Cultivate Thriving, she leverages many strands of ancient and modern life to aid her clients in crafting a new Life Story using proven strategies, approaches, and tools ranging from interpersonal neurobiology and neural restructuring; to ancient archetypes, shamanic journey work and eco-therapy; to resiliency, strength, appreciative inquiry and conscious aging; all to help clients learn a system that they can apply again and again in their life.

For over 35 years she has worked in the Alternative Medicine Field as a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, herbalist, childbirth educator, lactation consultant, lay midwife, brain chemistry profiler, and a Health and Wellness Coach with a comprehensive functional medicine, health and wellness, and energy medicine background.

MaryAnn's strong academic background:

She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Organic Psychology/Applied Ecological Psychology through Project Nature Connect from Akamai University and a Doctorate of Ministry in World Shamanism through Ocean Seminary College. And MaryAnn holds the following degrees:

  • MA in Psychology and Counseling, Goddard College
  • MA in Human Development, University of Chicago
  • BA in Psychology, Bucknell University

Kind Words…

Woman As Healer
I think of you often and the gifts you gave me and us, how that started me in a direction that continues, sometimes underground, sometimes above, but sustaining me in many ways thru many different blessings and challenges.....

In 1987 she started Evenstar Herbs and began doing Wellness and Herbal programs and teaching herbal classes. Over the years she has done more than 10,000 Wellness Nutritional and Herbal Programs.

Getting ready to tincture freshly harvested Poke Root in the Evenstar Herbs Apothecary.Her extensive training in the field of Alternative Medicine includes:

  • Neuro-Reproductive Endocrine Certification – NeuroScience Practitioner Certification Program
  • Certified Licensed Nutritionist – American Health Science University & National Institute of Nutritional Education
  • Robertson Research Institute Level II Verified Biochemical Profile Clinician for the Brain Chemistry Optimization Program
  • Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner – American Association of Drugless Practitioners.
  • Practitioner and Educator Touch for Health – Morris Institute of Natural Therapeutics
  • Practitioner and Educator – Educational Kinesiology movement education for learning disabilities and cognitive restructuring – private consultations and consumer classes – Educational Kinesiology Foundation
  • Access Bars Consciousness Practitioner
  • Certified Reflexologist – practitioner, Laura Norman Reflexology Center
  • Herbal Apprenticeship, Susun Weed – Herbalist, Wise Women Center
  • Practitioner Byronomics Energy Management and Diagnosis.
  • And in-depth training in several wellness areas including:

  • Nutritional Treatment for Mood Disorders
  • Metabolic Typing and Nutritional Planning
  • Supplements and other Natural Remedies
  • Vitamin D Deficiency Assessment and Nutritional Treatment
  • Genetics of Mood Disorders
  • Fundamentals of Functional Medicine – Systems Biology

Her Functional Medicine Specialty is working with the Biochemistry, NeuroScience, and Functional Physiology correlates of Mood Disorders. For over 10 years she has worked in partnership with the top Functional Medicine Testing Laboratories including:


  • Trace Elements
  • Diagnos-Techs
  • NeuroScience
  • ZRT
  • Metametrix
  • Alcat

IMG_0710MaryAnn’s interrelated esoteric and spiritual trainings.

She is the Founder and Director of the Evenstar Earth Path Seminary – Mystery School for Women Shaman Priestess Healers which focuses on nature centered therapy, Shamanic Healing, and contemporized Rites of Passage as well as deep Mystery School initiatory trainings on the path of reclaiming and living ancient Woman Shaman Priestess Traditions.

The touchstone of her spiritual Shamanic work is based on a 12 year traditional apprenticeship with a Cherokee Mystic. In the late 1980s and through the 1990s, she also trained for 3 years with Susun Weed in Shamanic and Wise Woman Herbalism and Goddess work as Susun’s first live out apprentice.

Around the same time, MaryAnn, was initiated into the Seneca Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge by Twylah Nitsch the Clan Grandmother who trained her to draw Seneca Wolf Clan Medicine Wheel Earth Energy Charts. MaryAnn later became a StoneKeeper of the Wolf Clan Lodge.

In addition, she has received the following spiritual trainings:


  • Practitioner Munay-Ki 9 Rites of the Earthkeeper Initiations
  • Annym Billagh Ancient Healing with Trees Practitioner
  • Certified Practitioner Ritual Training Counselor
  • Certified Shamanic Counselor
  • Certified Energy Dynamics Counselor

Woman Shaman Priestess Healer

MaryAnn is a Shaman Priestess Healer of the Sacred Wisdom Herbs and the Rites of the Shaman Priestess Mysteries, having been initiated as such and having reclaimed these ancient works and ways through her inner work with her Council of Nine .

She is an Ordained Clergy and Initiated Dianic DruidCraft Guardian High Priestess and Bandrui of the Apple Branch, a magic initiatory tradition combining the work of Druidism and Witchcraft based on the Old Dianic Tradition and Faerie Faith Tradition with special connections to ancient female Druidism known as Bandrui. She is also an Ordained and Initiated Priestess of the Feminist Dianic Wicca Tradition.

Through the order of Ord Brighideachhe, is a FlameKeeper of the Three Fold Fire of Brighid . She is also a Priestess of the Avalon Tradition through her own inner work and training. She is also holds the Shamaness Status of Hnoss-Horn Volva initiate in Pillar Seidr an Initiatory Path in Norse-based Shamanism for Women.


My education has opened many doors for me and given me many opportunities. I am secure knowing that I am well trained and have achieved certifiable degree of excellence. I can offer so much more because I have the confidence that my actions are based on a solid foundation.

Ph.D. In Applied Ecopsychology/Organic Psychology, Akamai University, Hilo, Hawaii (in progress)

Doctorate of Ministry in World Shamanism, Ocean Seminary College (in progress)

MA in Psychology and Counseling, Goddard College, Plainfield, VT, 2000-2004

MA in Human Development, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, 1972-1973.

BA in Psychology, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA, 1969-1972.


I love the whole process of learning in and of itself. I enjoy disciplining my mind in the pursuit of mastery. The most pleasant and worthwhile learning, for me, is one that requires a disciplined mind in the pursuit of wisdom while living a whole and complete, balanced life.

Phi Beta Kappa (national honor society).

Psi Chi (psychology honorary).

Kappa Delta Pi (education honorary).

Full tuition grant University of Chicago 1972-1973.

Graduated top 5% of class from Bucknell University 1972.

Magna cum Laude with honors in psychology, Bucknell University.

Dean’s list, Bucknell University.

New Jersey State Scholarship 1968-1972.

Continuing Education

I have a passion for knowledge and wisdom. I crave understanding the details and any new insights that contribute to my clients achieving better results. A service professional and healer is no passive observer and must strive to make herself accountable for an outcome. I am in search of Nature’s secrets and am drawn to know them in their many varied forms. But despite all of the knowledge that we have accumulated, the energy that is the essence of all life is its own vital force.

Pastoral Counseling, Avalonian Theological Seminary,

Ailments and Natural Remedies, American Health Science University, National Institute of Nutritional Education – 2006

Balancing Moods for the Better, American Health Science University, National Institute of Nutritional Education – 2005

Metabolic Typing and Individualizing a Nutritional Plan, American Health Science University, National Institute of Nutritional Education – 2004

Professional Certification Program in Nutritional Science, 2003, American Health Science University & National Institute of Nutritional Education, 1010 S. Joliet, Suite 107, Aurora, California 80012.

Level II Verified Biochemical Profile Clinician for the Brain Chemistry Optimization Program, – 2001, Robertson Research Institute Ltd., 3555 Pierce Rd. Saginaw, MI. 48604.

Coach Training Program – 2000-2004, CoachU, PO Box 881595, Steamboat Springs, Colorado 80488.

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner – 1999, American Association of Drugless Practitioners, 708 Madelaine Drive, Gilmer, Texas 75644.

Practitioner and Educator Touch for Health – kinesiology testing for muscle reconditioning private practice, 1995, Morris Institute of Natural Therapeutics, Denville, New Jersey.

Teacher – Seneca Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge Earth Energy Charts, Seneca Indian Historical Society, 1988, 12199 Brant-Reservation Rd., Irving, New York, 14081

Practitioner and Educator – Educational Kinesiology movement education for learning disabilities and cognitive restructuring – private consultations and consumer classes, 1988, Educational Kinesiology Foundation, PO Box 5002, Glendale, California 91221.

Certified Reflexologist – practitioner, 1988, Laura Norman Reflexology Center, 117 East 24th Street, Suite 4B, New York, New York, 10010.

Herbal Apprenticeship, 1987-1991; Susun Weed – Herbalist, author, speaker, counselor; Wise Women Center, PO Box 64, Woodstock, New York 12498.

Practitioner Byronomics Energy Management and Diagnosis private practice, 1988, Gentry Chiropractic Clinic, 3616 NW 58th St., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73112.

Incorporating experience with proven coaching paradigms

Personal Freedoms Licensed Trainer, 2003; Coachville School of Coaching

Extreme Self Care Licensed Trainer, 2002; Coachville School of Coaching

Toleration Free Program Licensed Trainer, 2002; Coachville School of Coaching

Personal Evolution Program Licensed Trainer, 2002; Coachville School of Coaching

A Perfect Life Program Licensed Trainer, 2001; Coachville School of Coaching

Personal Foundation Program Licensed Trainer, 2001; Coachville School of Coaching

Attraction Program Licensed Trainer, 2001; Coachville School of Coaching

SimplyEffective Coach training , 2001

Supporting Certifications

Anatomy and Physiology, American Academy of Nutrition, 3408 Sausalito, Corona del Mar, California, 1999.

Foundations in Herbal Medicine, 4840 Pan American Freeway, NE Albuquerque, NM. 87109, 1999-open.

Diploma of Herbal Studies, Australasian College of Herbal Studies, PO Box 57, Lake Oswego, OR. 97034, 1999-open.

Certified Practitioner and Teacher Sandlin Technique – Cherokee Native American bodywork private practice, 1997-1998, Sandlin Institute, 180 Flaming Arrow Way, Sedonna, Arizona 86336.

Certified Practitioner Ritual Training Counselor – 1997, Cherokee Native American ritual work private practice, Sandlin Institute, 180 Flaming Arrow Way, Sedonna, Arizona 86336.

Practitioner Holographic Body – energy health care practices, 1996, Sandlin Institute, 180 Flaming Arrow Way, Sedonna, Arizona 86336.

Practitioner Shamanic Counselor  – 1996, Shamanism, Sandlin Institute, 180 Flaming Arrow Way, Sedonna, Arizona 86336.

Practitioner Energy Dynamics Counselor  – 1994, Energy Dynamics Training, Sandlin Institute, 180 Flaming Arrow Way, Sedonna Arizona 86336.

Certified Practitioner Matrimatics Birth Professional – Cherokee Native American birth counselor private practice, 1994, Sandlin Institute, 180 Flaming Arrow Way, Sedonna, Arizona 86336.

Certified Practitioner Matrimatics Herbalism – Cherokee Native American herbalism private practice, 1994, Sandlin Institute, 180 Flaming Arrow Way, Sedonna, Arizona 86336.

Certified Childbirth Educator pregnancy and postpartum fitness private practice, 1987, Positive Pregnancy and Parenting Fitness, 51 Saltrock Road, Baltic, Connecticut 06330.

International Certified Childbirth Educator ICEA – childbirth education classes private practice, 1987 International Childbirth Education Association, PO Box 20048, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55420.

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant private practice and professional in-service, 1985, International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners, 2315 Wickersham Cove, Germantown, Tennessee 38138.

Certified Childbirth Educator, homebirth childbirth education classes private practice, 1983, Informed Homebirth, Box 3675, Ann Harbor, Michigan 48106.

Certified Childbirth Educator, The Bradley Method childbirth education classes private practice, 1981, American Academy of Husband Coached Childbirth, Box 5224, Sherman Oaks, California 91413.

Breastfeeding Counselor and La Leche League Leader, 1976-1983, La Leche League, International, PO Box 1209, Franklin Park, Illinois, 60131.

Comprehensive Cherokee Native American Healing Apprenticeship including herbalism, childbirth, education, energy dynamics, multidimensional healing, 1987-1998; Virginia Sandlin, Cherokee mystic, author, speaker, consultant, counselor; Sandlin Institute, 180 Flaming Arrow Way, Sedonna, Arizona 86336.

Midwifery Apprenticeship, 1988; Sherry Willis – Traditional Midwife; 64 Box 85, Woodville, VA. 22749.

Work Experience

My professional experiences have been an opportunity for me to support people to do something better for themselves. My work is a chance for me to assist clients toward optimal development and performance and greater well being.

Evenstar CEO, Personal and Professional Life and Health and Wellness Coach, Licensed Certified Nutritionist, Certified Health and Wellness Consultant, Biochemical Brain Chemistry Profile Clinician , 1998 – present

Evenstar Herbs Founder and President, Herbalist, Nutritional and Wellness Consultant,   – an herbal and wellness products mail order company, 1987 – present

Clinical Counseling Internship, Region Ten Community Counseling Service, Lovingston, VA, 2002-03

Seminar and Individual Healing Work Coordinator, 1987-1995, Virginia Sandlin Associates./ Sandlin Institute, 180 Flaming Arrow Way, Sedonna, Arizona 86336

Board of Directors and Childbirth Consumer Advisor, 1986-1988, The Childbirth Center, Englewood, New Jersey.

Traditional Midwife, homebirths, 1986 -1998

Professional Advisor, International Childbirth Education Association for in-hospital birth center, 1986 Pascack Valley Hospital, Westwood, New Jersey.

Lactation Consultant, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant – 1985-1995.

District Advisor, 1983-1985, La Leche League, New Jersey

Labor Support Professional (doula), pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum support – 1981-1990.

Childbirth Educator Informed Homebirth; American Academy of Husband Coached childbirth (Bradley Method); International Childbirth Education Association; Positive Pregnancy and Parenting Fitness – private practice 1981-1993

Breastfeeding Counselor and La Leche League Leader, 1976-1988, La Leche League International.

Preschool Head Teacher, 1974-1975, Matthews Center Co-operative Nursery School. Charles E Matthews Center, 2318 29th Ave. South, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55454.

Psychological Tester for Head Start, 1971-1972. Intermediary Unit, Lewisburg school district, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.

Preschool Tutor, 1970-1972, Preschool Head Start. Intermediary Unit, Lewisburg School District, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.


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