Maybe you dream of it at night. Or a vision keeps popping into your imagination. archeon_mesolithic

Perhaps you are drawn to stories, movies, and tales of some ancient time. You can’t seem to shake off the hauntingly beautiful feeling of imagining yourself as some story tale heroine.

Are you drawn to legends about a Medicine Woman. Warrior? High Priestess? Atlantean Healer?  Avalonian Mystery School Priestess? Witch? Superhero?

Are these dreams and vision real or just a distraction from every day life?

Real or not – it does not matter. For these legends are Ancient Archetypes (well, maybe not superhero) that hold wisdom, mystery, and power for you. Embedded in these stories and legends are experiences and information that have been passed down through time. When you encounter these legends and they evoke attraction and longing, you have found a piece of your inner being that is calling to remember that part of your self.

That which sings and contemplates in you is still dwelling within the bounds of that first moment which scattered the stars into space. Khalil Gibran

Ancient Archetypes of Transformation

PeatMoorsCentreCelticRoundHouse1Ancient Archetypes are portals into the deep mysteries that you hold within your self. They are aspects of your multisensory, multidimensional self that are being awakened. Through merging with these ancient archetypes, you gain access to the
pathways to reclaim their wisdom and renew it in your life today.

Were you once really an Avalon Priestess parting the mists?

Or a Hedgewitch acting as midwife to your community?

Or a Wortcunner who could access the wisdom of the plants?

To gain the benefit of these ancient legends you do not need to be them. Rather you can dive deep into the mysteries and magic of their energies.

Their energies act as contact points that usher you into the essence of wisdom and knowledge and self-realization held in these archetypes. When you work with natural magic and ancient wisdom of these archetypes, you create a resonance that allows you to travel into the heart of energetic signature held in the archetype. Here you use the essence of the archetype to create a series of guideposts for your journey deep into your self as you find and liberate those parts of your self that have been activated by the archetype.

By journeying through these archetypal landscapes you become open to your self and more conscious and familiar with your natural multisensory, multidimensional nature. You reclaim the whole of who you naturally are.

We utilize the natural magic and ancient wisdom of nature centered archetypes to awaken the corresponding energies within you. As we draw upon the power of their transformational wisdom, each of these nature-centered archetypes allows us to travel an Inner Journey through a specific Cycle of Healing. Each of the nature centered archetypes presents you with their own initiatory processes that prepares you to seek your own inner mysteries, natural magic, and ancient wisdom. As you recognize and reclaim these archetypal parts of your self, you rebirth your self back into the wholeness of who you really are.

How she loved her interior world, her interior wilderness, that primal forest inside of her, where among decayed tree trunks her heart stood, light green. Rainer Maria Rilke

Ancient Archetype Programs 

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The Wise Woman Wortcunner's Path

Travel deeply with your Wortcunner Archetype and connect directly with the plants as a traditional Wise Woman to multidimensionally receive the secrets of the plants.
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That’s the thing with magic. You’ve got to know it’s still here, all around us, or it just stays invisible for you. 
 –Charles de Lin