About Women’s Shamanic Journeys and Rites of Passage

//About Women’s Shamanic Journeys and Rites of Passage
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Come step onto The Earth Path and embark on your Nature Centered Healing Journey, walk through the portal of an Earth based Medicine and Spirituality,

Is there a spiritual science grounded in the knowledge that transformation for women can happen in accordance with our nature as women? Yes, it exists. It is an ancient science as old as human consciousness itself. And for some women it is the way home. — Angela Fischer

Women’s Shamanic Journeys and Rites of Passage honors women’s ways of being and unfold the Divine in themselves.

Men will construct their interconnected life in one way – and Women will weave their interconnected life in a totally different way. So much and so many of our lives and systems today are built around how men do things. But as a woman you have powers and ways and creative forces that move and manifest in dynamics vastly different than men. One is not better than the other – simply different.

Women Nourish and carry a force within them that directly Creates Life.

Women form their lives and Sovereignty within Relationships and Community. Through their deep connection to Earth and the Sacredness of all life, women always seek Wholeness and see Beauty.

Their deeply held longings unfold the purity of their heart’s and soul’s desires by moving away from that which no longer serves into a space from which life can constantly begin anew and evolve and change.

And through all of this women welcome the receiving of life. They embrace the receptivity to roll back as the wave does and then to build momentum as the wave roll forward thus tending the ground for their expressions and manifestations in the world.

Women are naturally and inherently the Healers of themselves, others, and their environments where ever they go.

The Woman As Healer Shamanic Journeys and Rites of Passage holds sacred its task of journeying women as women in reclaiming their personal priestess, shaman, healer self who wishes to practice their sacred ways and arts in their own every day life – no matter what form it is taking.  


I am the Mother Reality from which all levels of consciousness are born – including the subtle realm. I am the one called Shakti, the creative energy and power which births all manifestation, all worlds, all universes. I am also intelligence …. I am she with whom the souls of some of the great mystics have united.

Which Sacred Journey Will You Embark Upon?


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