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It is night and I am again sleeping in the little cavern room under the Tor.

I am awaken by a Sister Priestess and Moon Dragon is with her. They motion for me to follow and I slip on a robe and follow them.

I am surprisingly awake.

The Sister has a torch she is carrying and Mood Dragon glows on her own.

We travel deeper into the Tor caverns and it gets darker. It is chilly but I realize that I have my travel bag with me and I pull out my travel shawl and am much warmer.

It is very dark and it seems that we have traveled for a very long time.

I have my water pouch with me and drink the Tor water which is a special water that is packed with nourishment.

Finally we arrive somewhere but I can not see as it is totally dark.

The Sister Priestess says that this is as far as she can take me and that I am to find my way from here. “To where” – I say – but she is gone.

I look at Moon Dragon who is lounging on the rocks in the dark – she is like a full Moon shinning. “To where”- I repeat.

“To the bottom of yourself”,  Mood Dragon says. “What is it that you want now”, she says.

In the dark and quiet deep in the Tor caverns there is nothing but clarity so that which I am seeking does not hide too deeply from me. It is an ever progressing spiral and it has no end and no beginning.

“I want mastery”, I say.

“Mastery to live life fully and deeply engaged. Always learning more and becoming deeper and deeper into myself.’

“I want to love fully. To travel outside of time. To enjoy the journey and love the depth of each stay along the way.”

“I want to freedom for the expansion.”

Moon Dragon speaks from the Shadows, “Then look deep into the dark and you will see the way”.

And I look and I see the little knot that closes the perception.

I have only to reach in and pull the lose thread and it all unravels. And what I see is more darkness.

Mood Dragon yawns and taps me on the shoulder and signals that we are to return to my bed. Which we do.

To be continued …

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