“You are not a drop in the Ocean
You are the entire Ocean in a drop” ~Rumi

Nature and women hold the original primal force that arises spontaneously. This creative force is the first element and the ground from which all elements of life on Earth emerge. It is original wholeness and oneness. Nature and women hold these earliest elements of existence from which all manifestation arises.

It is critical to the spiritual strength of a woman to come to have a sense of all elements of existence as this facilitates the full integration of her power. A woman’s power being the development of the fullness of her consciousness.

It is key in the development of a woman’s consciousness that she has a living sense of this unfolding process of living beings in the physical and metaphysical state as it emerges. Nature is the template for the literal structure of existence and all that ultimately shapes and contains life.

Nature is that from which she arises and also that which she is. As a woman seeks consciousness she is seeking this unified perspective that can recognize the separateness as well as the ultimate connection and embeddedness of all things.

From the central sacred act of being in direct relationship with Earth, a woman is able to directly link to the wholeness of all contained in Nature.

tumblr_n32i3k8iie1r4i7syo1_500As a woman comes into resonance with that All that is Nature, she will be shifting her relationship with healing and manifestation.  There is a distinct difference in seeking to heal or manifest through gathering elements into form and from coming into resonance with the original ground of healing and manifestation.

Typically, one might consider healing and manifestation through focus on shifting already established forms, undoing them and redoing them into other forms. However, when a woman connects with the primordial state of Nature she is reconnecting with something more basic than forming and re-forming. She is reestablishing her self as the original unformed energy that is available for creative focus.

Working directly with the consciousness of Nature then becomes about moving herself back to the original ground and from that place breathing Nature’s and her own creative force into the healing and manifested form of her focus.

Her experience with this shift is that it is extremely less taxing on her personal energies as she moves back to the primordial energies of Nature and her self and through her natural voice soft focusing those energies into form than it is to attempt to struggle with undoing and redoing forms for healing and manifestation – which is ultimately not even possible.

As a woman directly connects with the original ground of healing and manifestation of her self and Nature, she shifts her personal development from self-awareness to spiritual awareness of all consciousness held within Nature – and her self. Thus, her spiritual awareness will become more basic than her self-awareness –  her awareness of self becomes spiritual.

This will be an evolutionary shift for her as a woman unfolding her creative force. She will become her self.

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