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I have left the Caverns under the Tor and am desperately tired but in haste to make my way back to The Tor as I have such a great calling within to be there.

I arrive at the markers for the Dragon ley lines and there she is The Moon Dragon waiting for me. She smiles – she is very old but every flexible. She hands me my Staff and I begin the ascent up the hill.

I tell her I am tired and she just smiles and hastens several very small dragons to come along with me. It is dark and cold. But I have on my Glamour cloak which gives me instant heat and warmth.

I think I black out on my ascent but I do arrive at the top of The Tor. I touch the touch stones and they send a spark of blue white energy around and I am carried to the Cavern inside.

I quickly find my way to the Crystal “control” panel. And I sit down in the stone chair next to it and fall asleep! The little dragons curl up besides me.

Cerdiwen comes to me and wakes me and calls me to enter into the circle of the Council of Nine.

The Nine watch over the transformations of all who enter Avalon. They ask me if I have a question and I am unprepared for this. I am totally perplexed.

“You know you can travel anywhere from here they say”. I just nod.

They confer amongst themselves and motion me to come by the Cauldron in the middle. I want to go to the Control panel instead.

“Did you bring your addition to the brew,” they ask? I shake my head no – “I didn’t know about the Cauldron”.

They confer again. Then they motion for a Priestess to come and take me into a room in the Cavern which is very warm and have me lie down to sleep.

While I am sleeping the Council is sending me messages for how to take care of myself now. Saunas, waters, massage, fresh air. Create this they say.

“Be careful in your listening for it is not just a project it is a weaving of the new structure. It is not just a project of decoration it is the weaving of the new web.”

“ Learn to spin. Here this is where we teach you the new grid you are to weave.”

“Sleeping or awake it does not matter. We can show you either way.”

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